bad dogs

My friends did stop by today. They were on the way to NYC and stopped here for a spot of lunch, a kinda clean bathroom, and to say Happy Old Ass Pregnant Lady Day.

I put out a nice spread; italian coldcuts from the ever bangin' Liuzzi's, an olive assortment, mozzarella and tomato salad, cheese tortelini in pesto, crusty bread, dried apricots and 5 canolis. Yum. Well, we decided that everyone should have haircuts as long as I was feeling good and I have the salon set-up in the basement. On the way downstairs someone closed the door. And locked the dogs out.

They didn't whine and scratch and try to squeeze each other under the door like they usually do. They were quiet. They had a little lunch.

The broke a plate and ate; italian coldcuts, mozzarella, pesto tortelini, crusty bread, dried apricots, all 5 canolis and they picked the kalamata olives out of the mix and ate them. There were 2 giant green olives lightly chewed and discarded. They are in agreement on green olives.

They are farting like Old Milwaukee swilling truck drivers. They were very pleased with their resourcefulness. They were grounded for a 45 minute down/stay and I pet no one for at least an hour. They are still a little smirky. Bad dogs.


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