one more fun thing

I can no longer bend over. My belly gets in the way. And it makes me grunt cuz I always forget. Sexy...

just one more fun thing

Yesterday I put a classical CD in. I don't like to buy into the hype but Costco has Baby Einstein discs on sale and they had a nice selection of pieces I like so.... I did, in fact, physically buy into said hype. That's not the funny thing. The funny thing is that I popped a disc into the CD player in the kitchen and a fantastic drumroll blared out. "That's strange" I thought and then "Snoop Dog is in the mother fuckin' haaooouuuuusssseee" followed and I figured out that I put a disc on a disc.

Frankly, I think it's unfair for the child to expect some serene, classical music laden existence when in reality I start my day with Howard Stern and then listen to 70's schlock, Awesome 80's and a variety of top forty puke that I loveloveLOVE.

*sigh* Sure hope this all works out ok :)
free at last

The TBS Dawson's Creek marathon has finally rolled around to where I began watching it. To refresh your memories, I was too sick to blog, too sick to do anything but tinkle and let the dogs out and, one fateful day, I was too sick to change the channel. And they got me. Hooked like a junky. So for the last 4 months or so, I've been watching DC for 2 hours a day-5 days a week, much to my chagrin. I will keep half an eye on it to catch the end again. Perhaps with all 4 seasons of knowledge, I'll be able to understand why that stupid Joey keeps torturing the boys and why the boys keep putting up with her nonsense. Done!

And today is the day I finish with my Humanities papers. Whatever doesn't get finished, can't get turned in. I have had a delicious breakfast, courtesy of B.Diddy and now I am sitting in front of my puter, ready to roll. Speak at you later when I'm that much closer to being a college graduate :)

I just found a totally compelling blog through a link from a link....I don't want to post it yet, I'm gonna watch for a while. It's someone who can't get pregnant. Someone who's had a bunch of IVF, miscarriages and general problems. It's someone who made me very sad for her.

B.Diddy (can't wait til this phase passes) and I have a dinner tradition. We don't say grace, but we do say what we're thankful for in the day.

Today, I'm thankful I'm pregnant. End of story. Because I never thought I'd have children so I didn't know how it would make me feel and so I never imagined it would make me feel so special. I'm the luckiest woman I know and that's a fact.
Just another relaxing day at the old homestead...

So, two days ago we went to the vet because Hobbes had somehow gotten a big scrape between his toes. Did I mention it? Well, I have to soak his foot, blow it dry and give him antibiotics. No biggie.

Today was a busy one. I went shopping and got the special marrow bones that the dogs love so much. B.Diddy gets home, finally, and I lay down on the couch for a quick rest before starting dinner. Jack wanders up to me and gives me the hangdog face. I notice that his bone, now devoid of marrow, is firmly stuck on his lower jaw. We try to pull it or twist it-not budging.

We just got back from the vet where we had an emergency visit to get it off. Then I took him for a creemee. He's okay now.....

*emergency trip to the vet after hours -- $50

*tip to the nice boy who handled him so quickly and gently -- $10

*catching your 'cooler than shit' dog with a bone stuck on his face --


and I think to myself, what a wonderful world....

We watched 'Bowling for Columbine' in Humanities last night. I cried in a roomful of near strangers. If you haven't seen it, please do.

me and b

This is at my friend's wedding. I wish it was in color cuz I'm wearing blue tuile with matching robin's egg blue nail polish. My outfit rocked....

OH! I forgot about the funny story that goes with this. This function was one of the first times a large group of my friends got to meet/size up my new man. I was doing the hair and makeup for the wedding party so I left Bear, oops, B.Diddy to his own devices, with some minor suggestions...

me: Hon, do you want to double check that your suit is ok, you have a shirt you like, all the accessories are packed?

bear: I am a big boy. I am capable of packing for myself.

Okey-dokey. I didn't know him then like I know him now.....We get to the backside of the moon in Maine. I unpack steamers, makeup trunks, hair equip. He is in charge of our clothing bags. Great. Smooth. No worries.

Jump to the morning of the wedding. It is looking rainy and my bride is starting to get class A bitchy. I get her ready and have my usual 20 minutes to prepare. B.Diddy has showered and is reading on the porch. I urge him upstairs to dress.

bear: No worries, honey bunny. I'm ready to go.

We head upstairs and I go into the bathroom and he unzips his garment bag. From our bedroom I hear his deep, rumbley voice...

bear: That's odd. I always pack my pants with my jackets.

You guessed it. He didn't have his suit pants. He ended up wearing some other pants that weren't perfect, but they were passable. I had visions of jeans with a suit jacket. Granted, there are worse things, but not on that particular day. NOW I know just how crazy life with him can be :)
I ain't missin' you at all

Remember that 80's song? I loved his frilly shirt....

B.Diddy is gone. We have talked twice this morning. Once about whether or not I got the message that his stupid meeting didn't start until 11 so he actually could have driven down this morning and just stayed away one night.

Not many of you actually know us, but we are a bit on the disgusting side. Ask Pia! I slept so poorly and not until almost 3am. Of course, I did have loads of room for me and the boys.

But I miss him like crazy. And now I have to take Hobbes to the vet cuz of course he cut his foot just as dad was leaving town. If anyone gives us 'the look' cuz he's a pit, I'm going to bite them myself. Yeah, me and the bad mood are headed to the vet.
All's well

Just a quick update. The doc said everything is great. I just strained my ligaments on either side of my uterus. Nice, huh? So that's what the shooting pains are all about. I guess I'm supposed to take it easy.....

Speaking of taking it weekend we're headed to the staff reunion of the Rusty Nail in Stowe. My husband is coming with me. There will be lots of babies and it will be great to see people that I haven't seen for a long time. Bobby (the owner) finally sold it so we're having the get together. I'll post pictures next weekend.

B.Diddy is heading out to Philly for a couple of days. I am going to HATEHATEHATE sleeping without him so I am sad today. Work is such a pain in the ass. We would have so much more time together if he didn't have to go here and there and the office all day. Ugh.

Now that my uterus is falling out, mother's place is coming along. We have such a messy relationship and that makes me sad, too. Today is just a sad day. Boo hoo.

Off to class.
We went to my mother's place in RI yesterday to help with the finishing unpacking touches. ONLY TO FIND... that she hasn't unpacked a thing since the movers left April 2nd. There were a couple little trails through the boxes and every room is stuffed to the gills with the spoils of her latest war. We got a LOT done for her. Loads put away, stuff thrown out, furniture arranged-I was exhausted.

Then last night in the middle of the night I woke up with the worse pains in my tummy. I attributed to pains of a gaseous nature, owing to my fried oyster and lobster roll lunch, but then they became rhythmic. I was so tired I kept falling back to sleep in between them, then I would get 2 taught cords from just inside my hipbone up to my ribs. This happened about 4 or 5 times. I was trying to look at my watch so see if they were regular, but only the numbers light up on my tricky Storm watch, not the hands. WTF??!!!

SO...I'm just trying to figure out something to do for the next 27 minutes until there is someone at my doc's office. I'm going to make them listen to the heartbeat, even though I have an appointment on Wednesday. Hey, he handles advanced maternal age patients for a reason. He must be good with "all nerved up", right?!


From now on Bear will no longer be nicknamed 'Bear.'

He prefers to be called, 'B.Diddy' so please update all correspondence accordingly.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
And Now For Arts And Crafts....

Here is what I did at 3 AM the other morning. I woke Bear up, after waiting until 5.

me: Wanna see my green apple?

him: No.

me: Ok, cover your eyes! I'm turning on the light....

So now he supervises

I guess instead of getting up in the middle of the night to look at my homework, he's taken up the role of supervisor.

bear: Don't overwork it, honey

me: Never heard that before.

b: Seriously, you have to leave some highlights. Do a wash of color and then come back to it. And watch the balance.

My very own metro-sexual. Yippee.

I completely didn't realize.....

I'm officially in my third trimester. Holy crap. We haven't taken a Lamaze class. The nursery is STILL an office. I spend all day doing errands and writing papers instead of listening to classical music and reading to my belly. I'm sunk.

Right this very minute:

*The baby may have started dreaming now.

*The bronchial tracts develop. The lungs will not be fully mature until after birth.

*From this month onwards, the use of the placenta gradually decreases. Also, the amount of amniotic fluid reduces as the baby grows.

*Baby can put the thumb in the mouth.

*He/she can cry.

*The bones have begun to harden.

*The skin gains more vernix to protect from the acidity of the amniotic fluid and to help maintain a regular temperature.

*Growth slows and becomes more regular.

Behold, I am wroughting a miracle. Ok, freaking out so I have to outside for a while.....

Need I say more?

I had a zillion things to do yesterday. I am 7 papers light for one class, I have to paint a picture of a fruit bowl and a picture of a bouquet of flowers by Saturday, the vacuum needs to go for a check-up, I need to mail my sister's birthday present, my parents want me to send belly pics, I have to write a speech, I must try on caps and gowns, my college needs my phonetic paperwork, I need to make invitation lists for 2 CT showers, 2 VT showers and my graduation and I had a class A 4 quadrant headache yesterday BUT...... I spent 2 hours watching Dawson's Creek and gluing rhinestones to my phone. Thanks to Trudy who sent me a packet with all the necessary tools. She rocks :)

So that takes care of bling2 phone from yesterday. And impossible tasks, too. Aside from the reorg of my closet and office. THAT is truly impossible.

I'll clear up one more and then I really MUST go do some errands before I get fired as a housewife.

"A+ Excellent Work"

Now, I'm not complaining but.... I haven't written the synopses due for Humanities because I missed a lot of classes and I can't seem to get a feel for my prof. He said to take my time turning in the papers, which I obviously have.... So I wanted to see what his feedback was on my midterm before writing all these papers. I say things in class and he looks at me like I have a duck on my head. I absolutely can NOT get a read from this guy. Back in the day I would have run him to ground for smooches but that is so not an option. Instead, I agonize. Was my reference to Hobbes too arcane? When I told him the Declaration of Independence wasn't written for women OR minorities, did he really flinch? Usually my comments are met with, "Um, okaaaay..." and that's it.

So imagine my friggin' surprise when I got my midterm back. Four questions, eight pages of answers, not a single solitary comment. Just "A+ Excellent Work" on the last page. Who am I to complain? Guess I'd better get busy with those synopses....
TONS to talk about

but no time as usual.

So, remind me later of:

impossible tasks
registering for baby stuff
my bling2 cell phone
catching a bear shitting in the woods
squirrel patrol
my A+ in humanities
national honor society
2 cars in 3 months

So, about the last. I'm thankful Christopher and Katie are ok. More than thankful. Rabidly relieved. And a little sketched. I love those kids. More later.
times flies

My mother has moved to a town a bit over an hour away. She's behaving badly but we're both trying to get along better. Promises to be interesting.

Just returned from Easter dinner with the in-laws. Fabulous, as always. I've been blessed.

This morning we were invited to an Easter Egg hunt at my friend's house. We were psyched to see our NYC friends so we went, even though we didn't have the required child for entrance...

What a zoo. They sent the kids into the downstairs basement while the Dad tossed eggs around the yard. The kids were frenzied because there was nothing downstairs so one little bugger started the rumor that the Easter Bunny had missed the house. Then they came upstairs and saw the eggs on the lawn....the had to wait while everyone got their shoes on and then the all crowded the front door and were like maniacs snatching eggs. One older kid got virtually all of them. His parents didn't call him off the chase and some of the littler kids got nada. It was a mess. Kids, jacked on sugar, crying and fighting. Something to look forward to.

We have started the three floor shuffle to prepare for the muffin. Our office is going to be the nursery so my closet, which is actually another bedroom, is being halved to accomodate my desk, as well. So far it looks good, but I don't have everything put away yet :) Bear is relocating to the basement TV room. We have plenty of room, we just expanded to fill the space and now we have to reconfigure....

I'm starting to get big. I will be posting pictures sooooooon. For now, I am going to snug my husband :) I don't know what's gotten into us lately but we are in a total honeymoon phase. I'm just loving him even more than usual, which is a LOT!
so much to say, no time at all!

This weekend sucked worse than anticipated. I'll relay all when I have an hour and can get my head around it. Let it suffice to say that I always knew T was an elegant, class-act, beautiful inside and out. Now I'm also impressed as hell with her iron will and nerves of steel. Go girl.

My mother is cutting a wide swath through New England. She is abusing retail staff in 5 states as her spending frenzy continues. I just saw her house and as far as I can tell every stick that was in my parent's shared home is now in hers. My dad must have been able to move with a Honda Civic. Sheesh. More on that later, too.

Loads to do. Still up to my eyeballs in school work. Cleaning like a loon cuz I can't stand it another minute. The house is looking good and I"m ready to watercolor and write papers tonight.

On the baby front....
Kicking all the time. I always smile when I feel it. Every time. I think this whole kid thing is going to be great. We're working on the upstairs bedroom/office reshuffle. I found a desk that makes an L that will be perfect in my new space. Now I have to go get it!

Starting to get a big belly. I rub it all the time like Buddha. I have this shifty side twist with a forearm block that I use to keep strange hands off it. I used to have giant boobies and at least people got drunk before they reached in. The belly is a free for all. Hate that.