bad dogs

My friends did stop by today. They were on the way to NYC and stopped here for a spot of lunch, a kinda clean bathroom, and to say Happy Old Ass Pregnant Lady Day.

I put out a nice spread; italian coldcuts from the ever bangin' Liuzzi's, an olive assortment, mozzarella and tomato salad, cheese tortelini in pesto, crusty bread, dried apricots and 5 canolis. Yum. Well, we decided that everyone should have haircuts as long as I was feeling good and I have the salon set-up in the basement. On the way downstairs someone closed the door. And locked the dogs out.

They didn't whine and scratch and try to squeeze each other under the door like they usually do. They were quiet. They had a little lunch.

The broke a plate and ate; italian coldcuts, mozzarella, pesto tortelini, crusty bread, dried apricots, all 5 canolis and they picked the kalamata olives out of the mix and ate them. There were 2 giant green olives lightly chewed and discarded. They are in agreement on green olives.

They are farting like Old Milwaukee swilling truck drivers. They were very pleased with their resourcefulness. They were grounded for a 45 minute down/stay and I pet no one for at least an hour. They are still a little smirky. Bad dogs.
Yeah, so, today's my birthday. I'm 39 freaking years old. I look pretty much the same as I did in high school, which made it easier to get into bars back in the day....

I'm okay with it. Bear surprised me by placing my very own pair of sand classic ultra Uggs on my tootsies at 5 am. He rocks. I have had them on all day.

I had a regular doc appointment today. I called at 9:30 cuz I couldn't remember what time my appointment was: 11am or 3pm. Turns out it was 9:45. I was wearing nothing but pink panties, ponytails and my new Uggs when I called.... I threw on a sweatsuit** and headed down the hill. I continue to amaze myself at how bad I look and still go out in public. I've finally gained one pound and I heard the heartbeat all whooshy through a Doppler thingie. Not just for falsely forecasting the weather :) Also for listening to heartbeats, it turns out. So, I just hope the test results come back okay next week. Fingers crossed.

I did float the idea of a voluntary C-section with the doc today. Not so receptive.

doc: Well, we need some kind of a reason to do a Cesarian.
me: (pregnant pause-ahaha) Um, I'm guessing you mean a medical reason?
doc: Uh, yeah, medical. Something beside "I'm really scared to deliver a baby."

I guess I'll have to think up something better. On a weird note, my placenta is on the side of my uterus right now. The peeps at Yale said that's ok, when the baby gets bigger it will either be pushed up or down. If it goes down, I get, um, have to have a Cesarian. Something to think about. Or jump rope thinking about (wink, wink) .....

I have another screaming hormone headache. My best friend from forever is 10 days less pregnant than I and she called today to ask if we're insane having children at this age. I think it's a trick question.

** I officially can't wear my pants if I want to button them so I am constantly in sweatsuits. All of my sweats just happen to be velvet. All I am missing is gold keds and I could so blend at a shuffleboard tournament. All velvet-ed out, roots in need of color, little pot belly....

I'm going to be a millionaire!!

The lady with all her money tied up is going to let me help her! Should I start shopping for a place at the shore now???

Dear Nita,

Thank you for your response to my mail, and may God bless you.

I do not have a cashier's cheque to send to you, the money is in liquide cash, and presently in the custody of a diplomatic courier company in Europe, of which my attorney has the entire details, and would be working in our interest.

I would send his details to you, as soon as I confirm that you are ready to help us, knowing that the funds are in liquide cash.

I await your reply.


I am in the home stretch for getting that sheepskin that says I can be the boss of something. HOWEVER.... I still can't program the VCR. I know it sounds lame, but I have just never invested the time and now I've thrown out all the directions and TIVO isn't working so.....all I wanted was to watch Law & Order. For a nice change I slept for a decent amount of time last night. So...I ran downstairs and at 5 before the hour, hit 'record.' Satisfied that all was in working order, I headed to bed.

I recorded Celebrity Mole by mistake. I still don't understand it. I can tell you I refuse to watch it. I have my own silly life filled with borderline celebrities and they all manage to lead somewhat self-respecting lives. Jeesh.

On another note, Dawson's Creek is starting to aggravate me. That Joey Potter is an idiot. She falls in love with guys and then secretly assigns them behavioral patterns that are unattainable to normal humans. I like Audrey, the pill-pooping, casual-sex-having freak. At least I don't want to punch her.

So, today I got Bear* to drive me to school again so I wouldn't have to find a place to park and walk in the snow. Today we have no classes. I forgot to check the Campus Cruiser. Whoopsie.

I think my pregnancy is turning me into white trash. All I did today was watch TV for hours, eat Twinkies, Eggos and Fresca. That's all folks.

*To clear up 'Bear'.....

Our friend Michael has the nickname of 'Mighty'. When I met my husband I called him 'Bean' for some unknown reason. He is tall and thin and he was like my best friend from the moment I met him. So, 'old bean' kinda thing. SO... he was mentioning one day that 'Mighty' has a cool nickname and his is 'Bean' and he wasn't so sure he liked it.

me: Well, I also call you 'honeybear', how's that?
him: Really masculine. Thanks hun.

So it just kind of evolved into 'Bear' which completely suits him. He's a large guy, just the right amount of chest hair, broad shoulders and he gives hugs like nobody on this planet.

Gag away....
I grew up in a small, snowy Vermont town. I can clearly remember listening to the radio for cancellations. All the schools for hundreds of miles around us would be closed for the day and we would still have school. It was like that Simpsons episode.

Well, my sister-in-law just called and her college as well as her husband's college are both closed due to the impending storm. I am heading into the shower so I can go to my class because my school is open. It is a Jesuit college so perhaps they are the ones keeping the snow at bay until 10 pm...... in any event, I'm having flashbacks to bigtime early morning disappointments.

Guarded Good News!

I went to sleep at around 2:30 this morning. I woke up at 6 am. I was not so relaxed.

I got to Yale at 8:15 sharp as requested. I was told the genetic counselor doesn't get in til 8:30. I wondered if they give themselves wiggle room for people who are late. I'm rarely late. I hate late. My husband is always late but that is a whole other issue....

The good news is that according to the measurements, Cleatus the Fetus is looking mighty fine. They measure things like kidney size (normal), head size (not at all melon like), limb length and how long the fingers look. Truly wild being able to see all that is going on inside my tummy while I travel the countryside, watch TV, read and go to school. But-everything looks normal. As in, as normal as possible when you consider the parents...

I know our child will naturally challenge authority. Will be completely unable to be a part of the status quo. Will have a touch of ADD. I'm just hoping it will be all these things without a helmut on.

My mother-in-law came to the appointment with me. She cried when she saw the baby. It was pretty neat. I'm thinking of selling tickets to my next ultra-sound!

SO thanks for the positive vibes, good thoughts and karma shooters that came my way this week. I'll get the results in 7-10 days but I feel confident in that all is well in the belly.

Thank you.
I had been reading a blog that shall remain nameless. A woman and her husband in a rather amusing 'he said, she said' type of thing. Well, her husband and I guess a friend got completely hostile on my ass for making comments and reading the blog. I was called a 'geeky blog reader', as well as fuckface and other grown up names.

My question is: why is it public if it's such an inside joke kind of place? I feel like I stumbled into a room of complete jerks that try to hurt people's feelings for fun. What's the point?!

So, stand forewarned. You are welcomed here. Your comments are welcomed. Try not to be a dick, unless it's out of your control. In that case, try not to be a dick to other people who stop by here. It's not that kind of place.

In other, more interesting news....

I just read "Gates of Fire" for my humanities class. Rocked the planet. Loved it. Highly recommend it. Now Bear is reading it and asking just about every page for a pronunciation. He's so cute.

Amnio tomorrow, first thing. I guess that means I'll have to shower. I'm going to insist the attending does it, not some punk intern. I really have nothing against punk interns, or non-punk interns for that matter, but if someone is going to stick a needle into the sack surrounding our progeny, I'd like that person to be an old hand. I plan to insist, reschedule if necessary, and I'll let you know how my morning being a bitch goes.

So it would appear that the assload of classes I've signed up for will keep my mind off everything for the next 2 months. I have to read 4 books by Tuesday. Wowza. AND I'm going to a wedding this weekend so I'll be wasting 8 hours driving. Should be interesting.....

My 'Creative Mind' prof is right out of his tree. He is trying to jolt our creative juices by mixing up our routines. For homework this week we have to:

A. take a different route home
B. sit in a different chair than usual at the dinner table
C. enter the house through a different door
D. look different ways at stop signs

I have issues.

A. I have such an unbelievably horrid sense of direction that I often take different routes. Everywhere. My favorite state to live in was Rhode Island because it is 45 minutes across at any given point. I could tell when I was really lost when I saw the "Now Entering (CT.MA. and whatever else borders RI)..." signs. It was great!
B. Hello. I haven't eaten a regular meal since Thanksgiving. For 2 months I didn't/couldn't get out of bed to eat. How's that for a different chair?
C. I usually use any old door. I am the only Mexican in a ritzy, doctor/lawyer rotten neighborhood. If I come in a window, there's gonna be shootin' in the old 'burbs tonight. I see the suspicious looks. Mamacita didn't raise no fool.
D. Um, I look left first cuz that is going to be the first direction from which I will be hit. If I edge out, looking right, I'm a goner.

I'm doomed. I'm very creative but I'm a bit of a control freak, as well. He wants us to make freaking VALENTINE cards in February. I'm sure mine will be the neatest and I'll fail for that. I'm already thinking of making them penis shaped. If you want me to send you one, e me your address.


1 in 14
Not even sure how to approach this.....

Due to my 'advanced maternal age' I have to have a lot of testing. I had the sonogram which looked great. At the same time they took some blood to test for a few other things.

I came back with a 1 in 5536 chance of a Trisomy 18 baby. That is what my cousin's baby died from in December.

I came back with a 1 in 14 chance of a Down's Syndrome baby. That means there is a 93% chance that everything is ok. All I can think is 1 in 14 doesn't really equate with 93% in my brain. Bear is frustrated that I'm looking at the negative but I'm all kinds of freaked out. No sleep. High anxiety. Started my 5 class accelerated semester last night. Hoo boy.

Amniocentisis on Monday. A needle stuck into my belly, into the circle that houses the baby, into my core for a sample. Then only 7-10 for test results. I'm staying away from bridges.....
Bush is on.

Have you ever noticed all his speeches have the same cadence?
blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah
next phrase.

It would appear he has some sort of learning disability. Of course, that may seem obvious.

I'm a Dean person. I'm from Vermont and I know him to be a good, fair man who honestly seeks solutions. That said -- he needs some good suits, some moisturizer and a good night's sleep. He is a little 'jazzed' these days. Looking forward to New Hampster....

Oh, something to do with my pregnancy?! Just got up from a 3 hour nap with the usual symptoms: super hot face, super hot body, super cold nose and a hormone headache that welcomes my every post nap hour. Nice, huh?

I am able to get up and around more though. I do feel better. Well enough to realize the toll that 3 months of lying around has taken on my body. When I come from the basement to the top floor, I'm winded. Verrrrry unusual for me. In a few days I'm going to get back on my spin cycle and start walking outside. I don't want to be unrecognizable when I finally have the baby.

OOO! We're planning a baby shower/graduation keg party in late May. Wanna come?!

I have arrived....

From: Mrs. Susan Shabangu.

Compliment of the season.

With warm heart I offer my friendship, and greetings,
and I hope this mail meets you in good time. However
strange or surprising this contact might seem to you
as we have not met personally or had any dealings in
the past, I humbly ask that you take due consideration
of its importance and the immense benefit it will be
to you.

After careful consideration with my children, we
resolved to contact you for your most needed assistance in this manner.
duly apologize for infringing on your privacy, if this contact is not
acceptable to you, as I make this proposal to you as a
person of integrity.

First and foremost I wish to introduce myself properly
to you. My name is Mrs. Susan Shabangu, mother of
three and the Deputy Minister of Minerals and Energy
of The Republic of South Africa for seven years

I will now give you a general overview of the
situation. When I was sworn in as Deputy Minister of
Minerals and Energy in 1996, with my influence,
my husband Mr. Ndelebe Simon Shabangu a very successful businessman was
awarded several contracts in my ministry and had direct dealings with
investors in this field. Due to my political status, I was not involved
my husbands business which was very vast and successful. My beloved
husband died whilst on an official trip to Trinidad and Tobago
in February 2001.


When my husband died, I was contacted as next of
kin by a private security firm in Europe to come forth
with the Certificate of Deposit and claim a safety
deposit my husband has in their Vault in his name. At
that time, my children and I did not have an idea
where the Certificate might be. We then instructed the
security firm to continue holding the safety deposit
until further instructions from me. Whilst preparing
for the second remembrance of my beloved husband, I
was going through his library collection and to my
astonishment I discovered a Certificate of Deposit for the safety
with this private security firm, and other documents relating to the
safety deposit in a book. The safety deposit which is a trunk, is
with hard currency (US Dollars) totalling $20,000,000:00 which was
generated from cash payments from his business associates in the
trade from Antwerp, Belgium.

Though I knew my late husband was in the diamond
business, I did not have the knowledge that he moved
funds in cash. This has came as a shock to me and my
children, and we have decided to have this fund
invested immediately in commercial and residential
properties abroad as well as profitable ventures, as
any member of my family cannot hold such a huge amount in our name due
my political status,
hence we sincerely propose to you to render us your
most needed assistance in this regard.

If you agree to render us your assistance, your role
in this project will be to act on my behalf as a
trustee to receive the safety deposit containing the
funds from the Security firm. Though I believe this
transaction should be based on mutuality, my family's
interest will be protected by a family associate, who
is a lawyer(attorney) attached to the South African
Embassy in Ghana, where the funds were originally
deposited, before it was moved to Europe, where the
security firm is located. He is now aware of the
safety deposit, and I have informed him that I am
locating one of my husband's business associates (you) to handle the
and invest on our behalf, as he might be opposed to our decision if he
found out that I barely know you.

For your reliable assistance, we are offering you 20%
of the funds. I thank you in advance as we anticipate
your assistance in enabling us achieve this goal. On
hearing from you, I will forward your contact to the
gentleman lawyer who will be representing us, and also give you his
contact for both of you to communicate and proceed with the

He will be working with you for a mutual conclusion of
the process and I look forward to a long lasting business relationship
with you. As you may nderstand,
due to my sensitive position in the present government, it is not safe
communicate with me via phone or fax.

This is why I have communicated with you with my
private email address, and I like us to keep this way,
for the safety of this transaction.

whether or not you are interested in assisting us
please let us know.This will enable us make alternative plans, in the
event of non-interest on your part.

With warm regards,
Mrs. S. Shabangu.

So, what do you think? Should I help her out and make millions for myself?!?!

News of the weird, but only applicable if you know me :)

A long time friend of mine had/has some issues. She was in rough shape (depressed, suicidal, despondent, broke...) so we let her come live with us. We bent over backwards to make her feel welcomed. The whole thing blew up and daddy bailed her out of another bad situation. I am tempted to go into the gory details but she's a Senator's daughter and I don't feel like getting audited for the next 10 years. She's a lunatic-certifiable. She borrowed thousands of dollars, I paid for her shrinks and medications, her food, and she ruined every dinner party I threw while she was in the house. My mother-in-law vouched for her so she could get an apartment. She left it in one month and had the cajones to ask for her deposit back! In short, it was nice to see her sizable ass move out of our lives. Waaaay too much drama and it was constant.

So-she left in a snit just about 2 years ago. Her parents, the Senator who has lost my vote and his wife of many faces, had called daily to say how wonderful we were for taking care of her and how thankful they were that she had friends like us......they went from lovely to ice age. That is fine with me because I'd rather find out that people are sleazy, even if it's way into a relationship. At least we know now....

WELL, I just heard she's pregnant. It is my friend's understanding that she's also married. She absolutely insisted she could only be attracted to black men although her first husband was whiter than white. She's funny like that - I believe it's called hypocritical-i'll-do-anything-to-make-my-parents-uncomfortable. The kicker is that she's due in July. So am I. So is my best friend Anna. Funny world, eh? We all feel concern for the child and just hope for the best. You should throw a prayer her way if you can.
I'm still feeling all sketchy about Bear's accident. Today he is feeling worse-along with his arm, shoulder and back, his hip is in full on pain with shooting pains down the leg. He came home early from work and won't be going in tomorrow. He's laid out on muscle relaxers. We are going to our internist to talk about PT or whatever will make my baby feel better.

I cut and colored the hair of one of my last semester's profs. She said she's never had a better cut or a better color. Sometimes I think I should have stayed doing hair. I liked it, still like it. The hours were killer. That, and it really bothered me that strangers thought I must be some kind of moron when I told them I did hair so they would invariably slow down and loud up their voices.


"No, I went to school for Literature but I was surrounded by clueless affected weenies and decided beauty school would have better drugs." Straight face, as always.

Now I'm finally in the home stretch of my 21 year degree plan and I can't figure out what I want to be when I grow up. We both agree that staying home is best for us and how we'd like to raise a child. I just wonder if I'll be entering the job market too 'late.' Right now my resume looks like The Pretender. I've done a bit of everything. I mean everything. Insurance sales, restaurant worker/manager, business owner, morning show DJ, print sales, executive assistant, personal assistant (you get someone to boss around, too), fundraiser, marketing, billboard model (!), and these are just a few things I've done!! It really is a moot point seeing as I have no idea what I want to be doing anyway. I love being home, a full time student, a good wife. Today I really like growing a healthy baby :) And loving my husband and dogs. Yeah, all things considered I really love my life, with or without a title or doorplate.
Yesterday Bear got rear-ended on the way home. He called and said, "I'll be a little late." "Ok, what's up?" "Well," he said, " I just got smashed into the median by some kid going about 50 miles an hour."

I freaked. I grabbed 2 muscle relaxers, 2 naproxin, a bottle of water, my phone and ran out of the house to go pick him up. I was so locked down that I didn't cry until late last night, after he'd gone to sleep. There is a, I want to say 'burden' or 'responsibility' but neither is right... there is a certain vulnerability that comes with loving someone with all your guts and heart and soul. I've survived some serious shit (including but not limited to attempted kidnapping and being held at gunpoint by a bunch of hopped up dealer friends of my ex...) but I can't even imagine what would happen to me if I lost him. Nope, can't even really form a thought around it. So I won't.

The back of his seat broke from the impact. He's sore, as can be expected, and the doctor has sent him for x-rays. Probably the normal healing with rear-end collisions but he's in bed now on a heating pad and didn't give me one OUNCE of trouble when I said he should get PT. Unusual for the boy...

So all is well and I don't ever want him to leave the house again. Aside from the addition to my irrational fears, we're fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

My mother is divorced -- again. I told her months ago to figure out the insurance situation because she was on my step-dad's hospital benefits and she takes a Skittles bowl of meds every day. The divorce was final on Thursday and now she's looking into insurance. *sigh* It is hard not to worry even though it's inappropriate, even though she's a nightmare, even though she never listens but always says 'I know', even though. Still.

My doggers were so cute today. Jack was in Bear's lap while he was on his computer. Ours are side by side, about 5 feet apart so we can look at each other's stuff and just be together. Aww. Anyway, Jack is 20 pounds but Hobbes, the 68 pounder, decided he needed a lap to sit on. He put his cement block head in my lap, then one front leg, then the other. Then he stretched out his front across my lap and started wheeling with his back leg. He ended up with his back feet clutching my folded up leg and his front legs hanging over the right side of my lap, his elbows all dug in, and he was as happy as can be. He licked my keyboard, checked out my desk, and then tried to get some sleep. He is a nut.

Today I really love and appreciate my boys. All three.
Is it possible I'm such a slacker? I guess so.

Much news.

Friday we went to have the techie ultrasound done at Yale. The technician was so fabulous it was unbelievable. Bear took the day off from work and now we're both glad. We saw the baby tumbling around, shaking its ass, kicking its legs, drinking, peeing, sucking its thumb, waving its hands and generally moving all over the place to avoid being captured on film. There are my genes at work! Bear and I were just staring at the overhead monitor, speechless. Utterly speechless.

Then she explained what they were looking for and measuring. There is a sack of fluid and if it's too big, it is a sign of chromosomal abnormalities. Our baby's neck is as slender and sack free as its father. Bear has the neck of a swan-about a mile long. Blissfully.

So, I finally feel comfortable being pregnant. I no longer worry that my body is cooking up some horrible payback for having thwarted the reproductive process in the past. I have been scared and anxious for just over 2 months and it has ben exhausting. Everyone I told (with the exception of YOU!) that I am pregnant I wondered if I'd have to untell them in person or would a tearstained phonecall suffice?

I'm a worrier. I grew up receiving the worst of all outcomes but managing to stay on my feet. I had a horrifying childhood and all the 'fun' I had in my 20's trying to kill myself with insane choices is a blur that I'm unsure how I survived. No substance problems. No depression. No quirky need to harm myself or others. I came out of the war ok.

And I'm going to be a fantastic mother. There.
Well....I'm almost home but not quite. It is going to be 27 degrees below zero tonight so I'm battening down the hatches and hoping my car starts tomorrow so I can head HOME! I miss Bear and the boys so much. I cried when he left this weekend. Big baby, I am.

I'll be less of a slacker when I'm back in the land of the technologically gifted :)

I was 13 weeks yesterday. I'm having some super screen done on Thursday where they measure the neck fold of the fetus and some other measurements to assign a risk number. I'm hoping for a lack of a number... still nervous but trying not to be. The further along I get the better my chances are, I guess. We'll see. In the meanwhile, surround me and the peanut with white light that all is well.
This is Bear, reporting for the wife who is on the phone, right now as a matter of fact, apparently forgetting that in addition to the fact that I can do only one thing at any one time, I need all four fingers and both eyes trained on the keyboard to type. Not that I can't type pretty damn fast, mind you. Four fingers are all ya need when you're superhuman, like me. But, please: only one thing at a time. My ADD is for real. Not kidding.

But I digress...

She wants me to tell you that she has been wanting to post on this blog but has been really busy up in northern Vermont house-sitting for some dear friends. Plus up there there's nothing but dial-up, and methinks she hast bin spoil'd. So I'm posting for her. We're tight like that.

She's house-sitting and kid-sitting, actually. Not little kids that need to be watched because they might chew on the lamp cord and things of that nature. We're talking bigger kids, of the hide-the-car-keys and stash-the-percocet age group. Two boys, really good kids, if you ask me. The older one reminds me of me when I was his age, and it appears that he is choosing to do some of the same idiotic things that I did. I tried to explain this to him once, but then I imagined being 18 and here's some 36 year-old guy telling me how to "make the right decisions" and shit like that. Yah, right! So, he's going to do what he's going to do, as they say.

Again, I digress...

So the wife says, "I am still tired and my boobs still hurt..." And some other things - I don't remember. She says that I don't pay attention to her, or something like that...

But allow me this opportunity to tell everyone out there how madly in love I am with my wife. She is the funniest person I know. She has a smile that makes me smile, even if she's smiling because I fell down the stairs (only happened once). She is absolutely beautiful, and I thought so from the first time I saw her. She is a great dancer - I know this because I am, too (big lie). She writes poems for special events, then gets up in front of EVERYONE and reads them. Sometimes they don't even rhyme, but then she tells me all about iambic pentameter, or some sort of something or another, and I feel educated. She moved to my state (from VT, her home state) in the summer of 2000. I've been here since 1970. You would think that with a thirty year head start I would have more friends than her. Ummmm, you'd be wrong! She even has the meat guy at Stop & Shop grinding sirloin (not that *gasp* cheap meat) for our dogs, and then he slaps a "manager's special" (reduced price) sticker on it! I don't think she even asks - he sees her coming and wonders how he can outdo himself this time. She bought a car from this guy down the street - he's a fireman, and I think he just retired, so he's doing the car business full-time now. Anyhow, whenever she pops in, they all come running over to HUG her! EVERY TIME! Even when she's complaining that the damn alarm won't SHUT THE FUCK OFF!!! Just amazing...

So, these are but a few of the things that are special about my wife, our child's mother, that make her the best thing, ever, that has happened to me. Of course, there is much, much more, but I can't give it ALL away. Some things are just for me...

Yeah, so, we miscalculated. I'm going to be 12 weeks pregnant on Monday! Yippee! We had the ultrasound, Bear and I cried. It has a really big head. More tests over the next couple of weeks and then it's a straight shot!

Off to bed although, supposedly, I'll be feeling a bit more spry soon.....
Not that I want to turn this into some kind of Dawson's Creek Forum but.... as near as I can figure:

these episodes are close to the end

Joey is in college and has figured out she loves Dawson

Dawson has always loved her but is treating her like a friend?

Joey should totally be sleeping with her hot english prof by now so this isn't your average show

Pacey is a mad dumb drunk who will end up in Tahiti in the same shape as Gauguin

Dawson has money or he'd care more about getting fired from his very first dream job

The gay guy so isn't gay

It is bizarre that the blond curly haired girl had her 'Grams' move to Beantown with her?!

Dawson's parents were divorced and now they're remarried with a new baby

Joey was pregnant?? or thought she was but it was one of those days when I, myself, was drifting in and out of pregnancy sleep...

The only poor person in Capeside is the Valentino guy who is hothothot so who cares if he's broke?

Yeah, looking back on those scraps it would appear that the show will start bugging me soon. I did notice how they changed the hair on the boys to represent the changeover into college. hahaha. That Caesar on the gay guy is too funny. Puhleeeeze.

I can only blame pregnancy hormones and my habit of waking around 10:30 on the whole Dawson's Creek-o-mania. I'm sure it will pass.

OH! I threw up today for the very first time. It may have been precipitated by the fact that Hobbes, the 40 watt pitmix, pooped in the dining room today. I got about 5 feet away with a tissue and had to race to the bathroom to unload breakfast at full steam. For a long time...

We went out to a romantic dinner tonight for NYE. No booze. Rather strange. Usually we stay home and drink a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and have caviar on toast points. Just the two of us and the doggers (who happen to love caviar - pigdogs). This year, caviar and champagne are a no-go so we went out instead. I wore fishnets, impossibly high heels that won't fit in 8 months and a sassy black dress. We had much fun.

And how was your holiday?