Not that I want to turn this into some kind of Dawson's Creek Forum but.... as near as I can figure:

these episodes are close to the end

Joey is in college and has figured out she loves Dawson

Dawson has always loved her but is treating her like a friend?

Joey should totally be sleeping with her hot english prof by now so this isn't your average show

Pacey is a mad dumb drunk who will end up in Tahiti in the same shape as Gauguin

Dawson has money or he'd care more about getting fired from his very first dream job

The gay guy so isn't gay

It is bizarre that the blond curly haired girl had her 'Grams' move to Beantown with her?!

Dawson's parents were divorced and now they're remarried with a new baby

Joey was pregnant?? or thought she was but it was one of those days when I, myself, was drifting in and out of pregnancy sleep...

The only poor person in Capeside is the Valentino guy who is hothothot so who cares if he's broke?

Yeah, looking back on those scraps it would appear that the show will start bugging me soon. I did notice how they changed the hair on the boys to represent the changeover into college. hahaha. That Caesar on the gay guy is too funny. Puhleeeeze.

I can only blame pregnancy hormones and my habit of waking around 10:30 on the whole Dawson's Creek-o-mania. I'm sure it will pass.

OH! I threw up today for the very first time. It may have been precipitated by the fact that Hobbes, the 40 watt pitmix, pooped in the dining room today. I got about 5 feet away with a tissue and had to race to the bathroom to unload breakfast at full steam. For a long time...

We went out to a romantic dinner tonight for NYE. No booze. Rather strange. Usually we stay home and drink a bottle of Veuve Cliquot and have caviar on toast points. Just the two of us and the doggers (who happen to love caviar - pigdogs). This year, caviar and champagne are a no-go so we went out instead. I wore fishnets, impossibly high heels that won't fit in 8 months and a sassy black dress. We had much fun.

And how was your holiday?