I am in the home stretch for getting that sheepskin that says I can be the boss of something. HOWEVER.... I still can't program the VCR. I know it sounds lame, but I have just never invested the time and now I've thrown out all the directions and TIVO isn't working so.....all I wanted was to watch Law & Order. For a nice change I slept for a decent amount of time last night. So...I ran downstairs and at 5 before the hour, hit 'record.' Satisfied that all was in working order, I headed to bed.

I recorded Celebrity Mole by mistake. I still don't understand it. I can tell you I refuse to watch it. I have my own silly life filled with borderline celebrities and they all manage to lead somewhat self-respecting lives. Jeesh.

On another note, Dawson's Creek is starting to aggravate me. That Joey Potter is an idiot. She falls in love with guys and then secretly assigns them behavioral patterns that are unattainable to normal humans. I like Audrey, the pill-pooping, casual-sex-having freak. At least I don't want to punch her.