quick 2 second update...

I am working at a trade show-The Art Expo- at the Javitts this weekend. Back and forth today but staying overnight tomorrow. I caught a cab after the show today and when I told the guy I was going to Grand Central, he said he wouldn't take me. He was going to go off duty. I know it's cuz it's a short ride. So I had to get out! Assh*le. I hope he got stinky tips all day. I always tip cabbys well so ha! on him.

THEN a really nice Haitian guy picked me up and we spoke french. When I got in he said, "Where can I take the pretty pregnant lady?"

I almost died! Everyone says I don't look pregnant. He said, "Pretty lady, it's in your face." What an angel.

Much to report but it will have to wait until after the weekend....

Sometimes I just love New York.
Uh, I'm drowing in a sea of unread classics and books on social theory. Boring books.

Good news.

I'm done at the scary Yale Genetics center because my last ultrasound was completely normal. The baby really looks like Bear. Weird. But now I just have regular weigh ins with occasion violations. Rah!

Other good news.

My prof said, "No problem" with my submission. I set the curve for my Social and Political Philosophy class with a top scoring 93. Now my whole class officially hates me. I don't care.

My belly is getting huuuuuge. Not sure how I feel about that but I did buy the cutest maternity clothes yesterday. Now I hate me, too.

Where the frig have I been?!

I just finished the midterm for my Political and Social Philosophy course. It was due at 5 pm but I missed that little gem on the paper and sent it with sincere apologies and the protestation of alien abduction at 11:49. I used to stress about stuff like that but for some reason I'm ok. If he refuses to take it, oh well. This being pregnant thing is releasing some mad hormones into my system! I kinda like it....

I'm typing with Jack in my lap. He has his head on the keyboard and my right wrist is cramping up cuz I have it bent funny to accomodate his head. My left foot is also asleep because it is curled under my right leg that he is lying on. I so love my dogs. If someone could remind me how to put pics in I'll post one of them snuggling in the morning. So funny, these dogs.

One quick story about Bear and then I have to noisily jump into bed....

At 4:40 this morning I am awakened by coughing. Lots of coughing. Terribly like what I imagine 'the croup' would sound like coughing.

me: Honey, I have Sucrets in my school bag.

bear: It's not that. I have Frosted Mini Wheat stuck in my throat.

me (screaming like a fishwife): Then get the F*%# out of bed and get something to drink, you giant jerk!!!

The infractions are many. I am having a wicked hard time sleeping. I took Tylenol PM (after a prolonged argument with myself about how the doctor wouldn't lie and a couple of PMs won't result in a stupid stupid child or any major birth defects....) so I could sleep. I fell asleep after 11. When cough-o-rama woke me, I had a scant 5 hours of rest. I could NOT get back to sleep, despite the gentle snoring of Bear and both the stinkin' dogs....

ADDITIONALLY... Frosted Mini Wheats happen to be the only thing I can eat in the morning so I can get out of bed. Bear has turned into SuperPig so I've had to ask him to please not eat my cereal. Mostly because he eats everything and then won't go to the grocery store. So-he inhaled a bowl, or bucket, of my morning life line at such velocity he had pieces stuck in his lungs and he has to come upstairs to cough it out IN BED?!?!

AND....every time I say something crabby to him he blames it on hormones.

AND....because of my hormones as soon as he leaves the house in the morning I start to miss him and cry.

Being pregnant is great.
I hate to jinx it but I feel pretty good again today. It has made the whole mood of the house lighter. Dogs are skippy, husband is chipper. Yippee.

So of course I said that I would help out at a friend's restaurant tonight. AND my friend is stopping by with her twins in an hour. Might as well cram as much in as possible for tomorrow may bring a hormone surge!
The reuben was a bad idea. I had half of it, 6 fries and a strawberry milkshake. I missed my first class last night. My belly could be heard from outside the house! I took a little nap and headed to school for my second class. The fun begins.....

me: Honeybear, I brought the wrong book bag. I have my Monday/Wednesday bag and my homework is in the other one.

bear: Ok, I'll bring it down and call you when I'm outside.

He is a champ! My hero! AND he put little frosted mini-wheats in a snack bag for me. I enjoy class. We have to make Valentine cards (it's an expensive inner-child type thing....). I make a bad discovery and have to call the man back again.

me: Hiiiii! I have good news and funny news for you.

bear: Funny news first.

me: Nope, good news. I made you a Valentine.

bear: Aww. Thanks hun. What's the funny news? (He even sounds a little excited.)

me: The funny news is my car keys are in the book bag you took home with you! Hahahaha. Can you please bring them to me?

bear: You are such a dick.

Yup, Mr Perfect called me a dick of all things. I read that pregnant women have memory lapses. I make lists and piles and STILL forget really important stuff. Hoo boy, this is getting interesting. I think I should stop reading the books so I don't let myself have all these new bad habits!

I did laundry today, cleaned, did some hair color for a pal, vaccuumed, played with the doggers and now I'm off to nap-land. I am so hopeful that I'm around the corner of feeling so wretched and I will finally be able to be clean and have a non smelly house again :)

Yea for me and the baby!
The Bear's back is killing from PT yesterday. The accident hangs on. Allstate Insurance is harrassing me AND sticking me with the car rental. I knew I should have given them a stolen credit card....more about that mess later.

I scrubbed the guest room that I've been convalescing in...it was pretty gross. I polished, moved furniture, picked up all my orange seeds and changed both beds. I am feeling okay today!

Now the man is trying to lure me to the diner for a reuben. The greek diner makes the best reubens EVER and I'm tempted. I still am not gaining weight so I can pretty much eat whatever I feel like cuz I'm nowhere near 2000 calories a day, let alone the recommended 2300. So, I told him we have too much to do but I'm going to change my mind in a minute and go get me a bangin' reuben.

AND....my mother's most recent ex husband, who happens to be my complete favorite and I choose to keep him as my dad, has a date this weekend. He's going to stop by on the way to a wedding in Long Island. His 'friend' (they dated in Europe around 30 years ago!) is meeting him there. I am excited to see him. My mother has the tendency to make things kind of tense and our relationship was always better if she was out with friends. Anyway, I'm glad he found some peace. My mother can make you wish you lived in a cave that was sealed shut....

I'm hanging on in school. I'm a bit behind in my homework and some reading but I'm cruising along. Sometimes my multi-tasking gets the best of me. In one humanities class we're reading Henry V by Shakespeare and it is apparent to all that I really love it. I've been a Bard Buff since high school. So?! Anyway, I had another book open in my lap, not quite paying attention and the prof asked if anyone reads or speaks french. On auto pilot I raise my hand. 'Great! NV can do a reading with me!" Ugh. AND there are a bunch of bitter broads in my class that glare at me cuz I always have the answer. I do wait for others to try......bitches. Anyway, I'm brushing up on my pronunciation so I sound authentic. I need to start paying attention.

So, this is kind of rambling but I don't feel so wretched today. I have to go to the diner now ;)
I have another splitting headache. Pray for me, wouldya?

talk about hypocracy...

Janet has been 'disinvited' to the Grammy's. I saw a piece on Celebrity Justice detailing all the nominees (not just the folks invited, those up for awards) and their present legal troubles. Perhaps most disturbing was R. Kelly getting permission from the judge to attend the ceremony. And Janet's in so much trouble for flashing a little boobie action?! Jeesh.

in better news:

My headache finally broke. It has been with me since Friday, worsening on Saturday and finally lifting this morning. It was one of those where changing the position of my head was actually dangerous. I had the headache for so long that I thought if it was still there this morning, I would go stark raving mad. I'm glad it's gone.

We went to the store, got freaky, made chili and had a nice day together. We should really get to win the lottery. We understand that money doesn't buy happiness but it does buy endless days together, if that's what you're into. And we are. Yum.

I'm a bit behind in school and correspondence. OH! One terribly funny thing to report. My mother, who is driving me crazy and not in the good mother sort of way, has been calling daily with her suggestions for baby names. All of them are incredibly weird and waspy. Hillary, Ygraine and Tana were the latest. She is trying to forget I'm half Mexican and just might choose a name from the other side of the family. She has blocked that fact that she had to have sex with our father to beget us Mexicali kids......but that's a whole other story.

She's been calling every day. When she called on day 2 of the worst headache ever I got fed up.

me: Mom, we're not telling anyone but we've decided on names.

mom: Well, you can tell me. I won't say a word to anyone. (as her nose shoots off her face)

me: Ok, if you promise. For a boy we chose Brandin ( I spell it) and for a girl we chose Tiffany.

mom: Uh, oh, Tiffany?

me: Do you have some sort of problem?

mom: Uh, it's just that every third girl you hear of is named Tiffany.

me: Not really. I have the last 10 years of most popular baby names in the US and Tiffany didn't make the top ten once.

mom: Oh, well.

me: I gotta run. Have a great day.

It's shitty. I have nothing against those names but I know my mother hates them both. It worked. She hasn't called since I told her the names. I feel a little evil but if it will stop the deluge of truly stupid names I can live with it.


When they picked up the scumbag that grabbed her and he wouldn't cooperate, I knew it wasn't going to end well. I'm guessing the police were able to search his home, work, etc. and she wasn't found. The news said the guy wasn't cooperating. No shit, huh? Today she was found dead near where she was grabbed. I saw the news footage of her body, wrapped in white and strapped to a gurney, being wheeled out of the woods where she probably died. No doubt, terribly. These things always piss me off but I'm even more sensitive these days.

I feel strongly that we all have a responsibility to 'do' something. How can a tragedy like this be avoided? In Florida it has come to light that the man was brought before a judge for parole violations but the judge didn't send him back to jail. Bad news folks-I used to volunteer at the courthouse and that happens every day. The jails are simply too full. My husband thinks criminals should be forced to generate electricity through manual labor-running on a wheel, rowing, etc. I just don't know what to think.

I wonder how early is too early to teach my child fear.


The results from my amniocentisis came back today. Everything is normal. We are officially having a baby. Wow.

I had to bag on classes tonight because I'm so sick. I can't wait til the hangover feeling lets up because I have 5 classes in which I'm slowly falling behind.

Dawson's Creek today rocked. Jen died, Jack is dating Pacey's brother (who knew?!) and Joey finally got off her hanging out of her pants ass and made a decision. The wrong one, but a decision nevertheless.

My excellent husband just gave me a bath and I'm going to bed. It would be nice to have good dreams for a change. I'm really nervous and tingly and excited.

I wish I could write the noise for taking a 4 month long breath in and letting it out slowly.....

today my head is crowded with weird and random thoughts

Dawson's Creek is finally starting to bug me...
but I have to watch both episodes every day anyway. Who writes that show? Joey is such a disfunctional mess I can't help but wonder why the best boys keep falling in love with her. She is a whiner of epic proportions. She dumps Pacey for bartender boy and then won't go out with bartender boy. Huh? Every time I have the smallest hope for that girl, she so screws things up with over analysis and a total lack of sex. Whatever. And Jen-don't get me started. I repeat, Audrey is the only real woman on the show. Again, the only one I don't want to punch.

I am being tortured by the worst dreams
Dreams of abduction, abuse, death. Even my dogs are sometimes tortured in my dreams. It can't be what I'm eating.....

Although I am no creature of habit, evidently my digestional tract is.
having problems with my belly. As if there isn't enough going on down there....

Who believes Janet didn't know her boobie was going to pop out?!
Because you're a dumbass. A big one. She was wearing nipple adornment. It's like wearing your pink mesh thong on a date and insisting to yourself you're not gonna go for the gusto. C'MON! And speaking of that adornment...what the hell was that thing? A Chinese throwing star? A tiny cock ring from her brother's secret collection? That would explain all the high pitched 'Oo' and 'Ahh's......

It was planned. The 'damage control' people need some new blood. I can't recall the last spin I heard that explained anything. Are these peeps falling down on the job or what? You know when a public figure f's up in a major way, their people call in 'people' to put the old spin on. But seriously, when was the last time you said, "Oh, ok. That explains it."? (yikes, that last ending must be some sort of MLA nightmare....) Consider:

CLINTON: I did not have sexual relations with that woman.
*that doozy got him impeached. He might have tried, "This is an issue to be discussed with my wife. It has no place in the media." Huh? Works, right?!

PETE ROSE: Yes, I have bet on baseball.
*and now you'll never see the inside of the Hall of Fame without a ticket. Dummy. Here is a clear cut example of when to frigging lie! If there was proof, you would know. There was no tangible evidence so lie. Dummy.

MICHAEL JACKSON: Of course I will continue to sleep with children in my bed.
*Hello! At what point of no return are his people looking for? Someone needs to tie that idiot's mouth shut AND put him in jail. Talk about no remorse. Jeez.

and finally

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: I apologize for the wardrobe malfunction.
*Okaaaay. How about, "I seen Janet's titties and I thunk y'all would like to, too." Honest, very MTV, and probably the truth. Malfunction. What the hell does that mean? And WHY ON EARTH WERE HER NIPS ALL TRICKED OUT IF NO ONE WAS GOING TO SEE THEM?

Gimme a break.

Wow, I have gone on and on. Sorry for the lengthy diatribe, but I did warn you about the randomness......
I just bought maternity clothes off Ebay. I bought:
red cargo no panel pants
orange cargo no panel pants (sure hope I like them!)
denim cargo pants and
a white smocky top that looks bohemian cool

AND I just realized that I bought 3 pair of cargo pants. Now my wardrobe will be all sweats and cargos. Yeah :)

The good thing about yesterday.... we got to look at the baby again. Long legs and wiggly fingers. *sigh*

no news is no news

I called Yale to see if the results of the amnio are back yet. The genetic counselor said to start calling after one week. More precisely, she said I could start calling after a week. The test, according to her, takes 7-10 days. So I called. Pins and needles. Actually, more like hanging from giant fish hooks above a tank of snapping alligators....
Turns out it will be at least 2 weeks so I have another week of waiting. In the meanwhile...

Yesterday I broke down and called the ER. I had woken up Saturday and Sunday with the worst stomach aches imaginable. Under my ribs, across the top of my abdomen and the left side of my uterus all felt hard. Scary. So I called. One of the OB docs who covers for my practice was on duty. She said to meet her at her office at 7am if I felt I could wait. I woke Bear up at 6am (I'd been up since 3) crying and doubled over in pain. He was a bit freaked but got right out of bed to help me get dressed. A true rock star.

Turns out-I have gastro-intestinal distress from prenatal vitamins coupled with hating the taste of water and not pooping so often. Basically, I'm full of shit. Nice, huh? So I got a bunch of different pills and my stomach feels better today. Good thing because I have class tonight! *wowza am I ever stupid busy*

Bear continues to be a rockstar. I love him more all the time. Today is our anniversary. If I can muster the strength, I may venture out for a card. I suck. Well, if I was up to it, that would make a nice little present......

I keep having these crazy bad dreams. I'll look forward to *that* phase passing. Enough said.

So, have a great day. Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to read for a while......