So it would appear that the assload of classes I've signed up for will keep my mind off everything for the next 2 months. I have to read 4 books by Tuesday. Wowza. AND I'm going to a wedding this weekend so I'll be wasting 8 hours driving. Should be interesting.....

My 'Creative Mind' prof is right out of his tree. He is trying to jolt our creative juices by mixing up our routines. For homework this week we have to:

A. take a different route home
B. sit in a different chair than usual at the dinner table
C. enter the house through a different door
D. look different ways at stop signs

I have issues.

A. I have such an unbelievably horrid sense of direction that I often take different routes. Everywhere. My favorite state to live in was Rhode Island because it is 45 minutes across at any given point. I could tell when I was really lost when I saw the "Now Entering (CT.MA. and whatever else borders RI)..." signs. It was great!
B. Hello. I haven't eaten a regular meal since Thanksgiving. For 2 months I didn't/couldn't get out of bed to eat. How's that for a different chair?
C. I usually use any old door. I am the only Mexican in a ritzy, doctor/lawyer rotten neighborhood. If I come in a window, there's gonna be shootin' in the old 'burbs tonight. I see the suspicious looks. Mamacita didn't raise no fool.
D. Um, I look left first cuz that is going to be the first direction from which I will be hit. If I edge out, looking right, I'm a goner.

I'm doomed. I'm very creative but I'm a bit of a control freak, as well. He wants us to make freaking VALENTINE cards in February. I'm sure mine will be the neatest and I'll fail for that. I'm already thinking of making them penis shaped. If you want me to send you one, e me your address.


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