I had been reading a blog that shall remain nameless. A woman and her husband in a rather amusing 'he said, she said' type of thing. Well, her husband and I guess a friend got completely hostile on my ass for making comments and reading the blog. I was called a 'geeky blog reader', as well as fuckface and other grown up names.

My question is: why is it public if it's such an inside joke kind of place? I feel like I stumbled into a room of complete jerks that try to hurt people's feelings for fun. What's the point?!

So, stand forewarned. You are welcomed here. Your comments are welcomed. Try not to be a dick, unless it's out of your control. In that case, try not to be a dick to other people who stop by here. It's not that kind of place.

In other, more interesting news....

I just read "Gates of Fire" for my humanities class. Rocked the planet. Loved it. Highly recommend it. Now Bear is reading it and asking just about every page for a pronunciation. He's so cute.

Amnio tomorrow, first thing. I guess that means I'll have to shower. I'm going to insist the attending does it, not some punk intern. I really have nothing against punk interns, or non-punk interns for that matter, but if someone is going to stick a needle into the sack surrounding our progeny, I'd like that person to be an old hand. I plan to insist, reschedule if necessary, and I'll let you know how my morning being a bitch goes.