So, today I got Bear* to drive me to school again so I wouldn't have to find a place to park and walk in the snow. Today we have no classes. I forgot to check the Campus Cruiser. Whoopsie.

I think my pregnancy is turning me into white trash. All I did today was watch TV for hours, eat Twinkies, Eggos and Fresca. That's all folks.

*To clear up 'Bear'.....

Our friend Michael has the nickname of 'Mighty'. When I met my husband I called him 'Bean' for some unknown reason. He is tall and thin and he was like my best friend from the moment I met him. So, 'old bean' kinda thing. SO... he was mentioning one day that 'Mighty' has a cool nickname and his is 'Bean' and he wasn't so sure he liked it.

me: Well, I also call you 'honeybear', how's that?
him: Really masculine. Thanks hun.

So it just kind of evolved into 'Bear' which completely suits him. He's a large guy, just the right amount of chest hair, broad shoulders and he gives hugs like nobody on this planet.

Gag away....