News of the weird, but only applicable if you know me :)

A long time friend of mine had/has some issues. She was in rough shape (depressed, suicidal, despondent, broke...) so we let her come live with us. We bent over backwards to make her feel welcomed. The whole thing blew up and daddy bailed her out of another bad situation. I am tempted to go into the gory details but she's a Senator's daughter and I don't feel like getting audited for the next 10 years. She's a lunatic-certifiable. She borrowed thousands of dollars, I paid for her shrinks and medications, her food, and she ruined every dinner party I threw while she was in the house. My mother-in-law vouched for her so she could get an apartment. She left it in one month and had the cajones to ask for her deposit back! In short, it was nice to see her sizable ass move out of our lives. Waaaay too much drama and it was constant.

So-she left in a snit just about 2 years ago. Her parents, the Senator who has lost my vote and his wife of many faces, had called daily to say how wonderful we were for taking care of her and how thankful they were that she had friends like us......they went from lovely to ice age. That is fine with me because I'd rather find out that people are sleazy, even if it's way into a relationship. At least we know now....

WELL, I just heard she's pregnant. It is my friend's understanding that she's also married. She absolutely insisted she could only be attracted to black men although her first husband was whiter than white. She's funny like that - I believe it's called hypocritical-i'll-do-anything-to-make-my-parents-uncomfortable. The kicker is that she's due in July. So am I. So is my best friend Anna. Funny world, eh? We all feel concern for the child and just hope for the best. You should throw a prayer her way if you can.