Yeah, so, today's my birthday. I'm 39 freaking years old. I look pretty much the same as I did in high school, which made it easier to get into bars back in the day....

I'm okay with it. Bear surprised me by placing my very own pair of sand classic ultra Uggs on my tootsies at 5 am. He rocks. I have had them on all day.

I had a regular doc appointment today. I called at 9:30 cuz I couldn't remember what time my appointment was: 11am or 3pm. Turns out it was 9:45. I was wearing nothing but pink panties, ponytails and my new Uggs when I called.... I threw on a sweatsuit** and headed down the hill. I continue to amaze myself at how bad I look and still go out in public. I've finally gained one pound and I heard the heartbeat all whooshy through a Doppler thingie. Not just for falsely forecasting the weather :) Also for listening to heartbeats, it turns out. So, I just hope the test results come back okay next week. Fingers crossed.

I did float the idea of a voluntary C-section with the doc today. Not so receptive.

doc: Well, we need some kind of a reason to do a Cesarian.
me: (pregnant pause-ahaha) Um, I'm guessing you mean a medical reason?
doc: Uh, yeah, medical. Something beside "I'm really scared to deliver a baby."

I guess I'll have to think up something better. On a weird note, my placenta is on the side of my uterus right now. The peeps at Yale said that's ok, when the baby gets bigger it will either be pushed up or down. If it goes down, I get, um, have to have a Cesarian. Something to think about. Or jump rope thinking about (wink, wink) .....

I have another screaming hormone headache. My best friend from forever is 10 days less pregnant than I and she called today to ask if we're insane having children at this age. I think it's a trick question.

** I officially can't wear my pants if I want to button them so I am constantly in sweatsuits. All of my sweats just happen to be velvet. All I am missing is gold keds and I could so blend at a shuffleboard tournament. All velvet-ed out, roots in need of color, little pot belly....