I'm still feeling all sketchy about Bear's accident. Today he is feeling worse-along with his arm, shoulder and back, his hip is in full on pain with shooting pains down the leg. He came home early from work and won't be going in tomorrow. He's laid out on muscle relaxers. We are going to our internist to talk about PT or whatever will make my baby feel better.

I cut and colored the hair of one of my last semester's profs. She said she's never had a better cut or a better color. Sometimes I think I should have stayed doing hair. I liked it, still like it. The hours were killer. That, and it really bothered me that strangers thought I must be some kind of moron when I told them I did hair so they would invariably slow down and loud up their voices.


"No, I went to school for Literature but I was surrounded by clueless affected weenies and decided beauty school would have better drugs." Straight face, as always.

Now I'm finally in the home stretch of my 21 year degree plan and I can't figure out what I want to be when I grow up. We both agree that staying home is best for us and how we'd like to raise a child. I just wonder if I'll be entering the job market too 'late.' Right now my resume looks like The Pretender. I've done a bit of everything. I mean everything. Insurance sales, restaurant worker/manager, business owner, morning show DJ, print sales, executive assistant, personal assistant (you get someone to boss around, too), fundraiser, marketing, billboard model (!), and these are just a few things I've done!! It really is a moot point seeing as I have no idea what I want to be doing anyway. I love being home, a full time student, a good wife. Today I really like growing a healthy baby :) And loving my husband and dogs. Yeah, all things considered I really love my life, with or without a title or doorplate.