Our house is in the middle of a construction project that will lead to a room shuffle. This means that no room has the right furniture, every room is a disaster, and I had to put my foot down because the microwave was next to the door to the garage so, of course, Bear just plugged it in and started using it there! On the floor! Next to the door to the garage! ... boys.

So, I cleaned up as best I could and headed to Vermont. I miss my best friend, she's in a funk, I'm in a funk, blahblahblah I just needed a little change of scenery. We'll be home by Saturday in time to finish the projects with Bear and restore order. But I couldn't look at insulation for one more minute.

Anyway, Rio has always got some new game she wants to try out. On the four hour ride we talked and talked, and then she napped a bit, and then when she woke up she wanted to play 'Switch.'

rio: You are Rio and I'm Mommy.

me: Okay, I don't want a nap! I want vanilla milk! I don't need a bath! [this is rewarded with a big smile and much snickering from the backseat]

rio: You are taking a bath! No shoes on the bed! No saying 'No Jack'! Fruit makes you poooooop! [she breaks this highly unflattering rant to ask for my water bottle. stupidly, I hand it over]

me: I'm thirrrrsty! [totally mocking her] I'm thirrrrrrrrrrrrrsty! I'm thirrrrrstyyyyyyyyyyy! Can I have your water?

rio: No!

me: Really, can I have it back?

rio: No! No! Nooooooooooooooooooooo! [at this point she starts laughing maniacally and waving the open water bottle around like she just won the Indy 500, soaking the backseat, the back of my head, and eliminating the last bit of liquid and I really was parched!]

Am I really like that?! You can be honest....


Menchuvian Candidate said...

The Toddler Queen's favorite game for the car is to argue. She assigns topics and positions, "You say we're there already, Mommy..." And then we argue. To keep it fresh, she'll arbitrarily re-assign positions (and lord forbid I mess mine up) mid-stream few times. "NO, I say we're there, and YOU say we're not! We're there-ok, there are the flowers and the dog and Popper! Now you say we're not, Mommy. Say that isn't Popper, that's a mailbox!"

Someday I am going to drive off the road and into an avalanche of nuns, and my only excuse will be that I was trying to convince a toddler it was raining when the sky was clear.

Billy said...

Right on the money ;]

nita said...

>MC: that is money! we have got to get these crazy monkeys together!

>B: i miss you!