the networks are programming just for me!

I am a magna cum graduate. I love Shakespeare. I know where most of the candidates stand on most of the issues. Scratch that, I follow where they say they're standing from week to week. I read good books, I am an engaged citizen, I try not to swear in front of kids ... but I must confess again - my taste in music is pretty horrid. According to other people. Well, most other people. Okay, almost all other people.

And then, like a beacon in the darkness I saw this. A show where a lawyer might be a chosen prophet and he knows this because GEORGE FREAKING MICHAELS SINGS IT SO! Can it be better? Why yes, it can. GEORGE FREAKING MICHAELS is actually appearing as his own bad self!! Can it get even better? Again, yes! The guy playing the lawyer is Angelina Freakshow Jolie's brother! I'm a little shaky in anticipation.


I can hardly contain my excitement. Tragically, I'm completely serious.


Masked Mom said...

A. Closet (ha-ha, get it?) George Michael fan here, too. Sad, but true...

B. When I read the "beacon in the darkness" line, I saw "bacon in the darkness" which, needless to say gave an entirely different picture than you probably intended...:)

Caveman said...