poor me

I saw a new doctor yesterday. I do have fluid behind both eardrums. My patella isn't tracking. She said that keeping track of ocular migraines is important and I should really, really do so.

Today I am sick. Started last night. Sour stomach. Woke up in the middle of the night with false puke alarm. Today -- headache, aches, tired, earaches still ... and I asked Bear if there was any way he could stay home, or come home early.

Nope. As a matter of fact, he'll be staying late tonight.

My question is -- what is my sick policy? Who do I see about staying in bed? How do I request time off for made up events?

On a fun note, I'm going on a big girl sleepover at the end of the month. Next month, I'll be doing a trip to DC, maybe with the nugget, maybe without. The daily benefits of this job are pretty great. It's just the sick-leave that sucks.

It's times like this that really, really make me miss Vermont and Connecticut.

Poor me.


Busy_Woman said...

Oh, sounds bad. I hope you feel better soon. :) <--Smiley face should at least be as good as Advil.

Tuesday Girl said...

I hope you feel better, I know how hard it is to be sick when you have kids.
I feel sorry for myself when I am sick and I miss living close to my family. Sometimes you just need your mommy!