Dear Striking Writers :

Dear Striking Writers:

I know you folks have real and serious issues that you're confronting and I support you! That said, I'm getting some real and serious issues of my own rolling here. When I heard somewhere in the din of motherhood that the strike might mean 'more reality television,' well, I didn't know how that would impact me.

So far this month I've developed an unhealthy obsession with Celebrity Apprentice and I'm glued to American Idol right this very second. Can I just say that our entire country is delusional? Not in the harmless way, either.

But I just saw an ad [Bear, please fix the old TiVo. Real-time is going to be the death of me.] for 'Moment of Truth.' Evidently, people are allowing themselves to be hooked up to a lie detector machine and then they are answering the most horrid questions. "Do you think you'll be married to your husband five years from now? Would you cheat on your wife if you knew you wouldn't be caught?"

Seriously? They should just call it, "Fuck Your Marriage Beyond Recognition in Front of Millions." I wonder if they'll be doing updates with Nancy Grace on the people who shoot each other after the show ...

So, um, please? We're totally getting in so deep ... wait, can I tell you that I have no idea who Payton Manning plays for but I live for his commercials?!

Nevermind, I'm already gone.



Anonymous said...

this cracked me up, i totally agree that "moment of truth" should be called "fuck up your marriage..." excellent.

i've noticed some strange tv viewing behaviors in our house too. it's like a storm hits, blows out the electricity and you are forced to use candles and bundle together for warmth :)

Ms.D. said...

I google Payton Manning. (And can I just say: that sounds dirty.)

He's with the Indianapolis Colts. Just in case you really wanted to know.