celebrity apprentice

Wowza. I have a new obsession. Celebrity Apprentice. I thought it was going to suck but I can't imagine how I'm going to tear myself away. That idiot Omarosa is back. I am still furious that she tanked Kwame. She's back with the biggest fake boobies ever. Huuuuge. Stupid large. ???

It's weird seeing celebrities duke it out, but I like it. Right this second I'm hoping and praying that Carol Alt slaps her silly!

Okay, gotta see who The Donald fires!


Kimberly Berry said...

I thought about watching but flipped over to a repeat of Law & Order instead.

And hey - commenting as myself!

Feener said...

oh yes, i watched celebrity apprentice and i was pretty happy i watched it, it was pretty entertaining. omarosa is a plain idiot. i think even she knows she is an idoit...quite sad.

i think it will be interesting next week as gene simmons said something to ivanka....trump pimping his daughter out all for ratings. my fav is BIG PUSSY, he was freaking hysterical as well as sensitive when he said that tiffany was not a mean chick. loved it

teahouse said...

I think I read recently that Omarosa had gotten a boob job.

Yeah, there's no plastic surgery for mean and vindictive, back stabbing beeyotch!!

And I refuse to watch that show. I'm not putting any more money into Trump's pockets!