How do I suck? Let me count the ways ...

*I suck because not liking my birthday shouldn't mean I mentally block all birthdays.

*I suck because I can't even remember my husband's birthday, and I look at him every single day.

*I suck because I actually made everyone email me their birthdates, loaded them into some random birthday reminder generator, then abandon the site where I had all the wonderful info sent.

*I suck because when I forgot last year, I scribbled a note in my address book, and wrote the wrong date.

*I suck because I should remember to celebrate the birth of one of the most wonderful people presently dancing on the planet.

Happy Birthday, Mar. Without you I'd still be a smack-addicted hooker all Stockholm-syndromed over my pimp.



teahouse said...

Well, my birthday is 9/11. That's sadly a very easy date to remember now. Now that you know, you'll never forget my birthday, at the very least!

Anonymous said...

you do not suck and thank you! m

Valencia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARION!!!! I miss youuu and MM! And TT! What are you turning, 25? :) You're my favorite!

Oh, and Nita.. 30th or the 31st? I apparently couldn't decide when I threw it in the outlook calendar because it's spread across two days.. lol.. apparently we think the same. 4/23 and don't you forget it! It's my GOLDEN birthday so I'm going to dress entirely in GOLD. hahaha. I expect you to help...

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday Marion.

XO Anna

nita said...

thb: now we have something to celebrate

anon: you're too kind

v: golden as in golden shower?!

anna: ho ho ho, muthafucka! it is on! hahahaha