laptop = visor

If my laptop ends up a permanent fixture in my forehead, it's because I can now watch television AND watch another streaming tv show on my laptop. I think Bear's going to blow a gasket.

It's only a matter of time before I end up on the side of the road with my laptop on my hip and a sign that says, "Will work for batteries."


just me said...

I basically sleep with my laptop.

It doesn't snore,
and I mean...who else am I gonna sleep with?

Menchuvian Candidate said...

*Laptop Envy*

Sheesh, when y'all are too tired to sit up, you can still be online. We got rid of the redundant laptop I used to use.

Do the words "gaping hole in my soul" mean anything to you?

Alice said...

i have a personal laptop and a work laptop, and neither one of them would work at home for me for the past, oh, 4 months probably? but i fixed BOTH over the weekend, so i am in laptop HEAVEN.