ho ho ho #5

My mother has called 3 times today. I haven't answered. She has managed to completely erase the memory of her dangerous behavior when last we battled. I mean, had dinner. She owes me 14 million apologies and the latest transgression has served to bust the dam. Oh, and she also didn't send even a card so I am following her long lead of neglect and I'm neglecting to play her mind games anymore.

Wish I felt stronger about all this, instead of just feeling like a shmuck.


I chose all the gifts for under my excellent white tree. I put colored bows: red for Rio, blue for Bear, white for Uncle Marky, and gold pour moi! It was mellow and nice and fun and she's just heading for bed and we had a fantastic day. We had brunch with one of my best friends and her wife and her wife's family and it was great. Really great. Delicious food, wonderful company, loads and loads of love.

Christmas Eve has been fine. Good, even. I'm feeling very hopeful about this holiday season. I sure as shit feel like I've gotten my crazy-head-shrinking-money's worth.


Tomorrow our plans are - nada. Yay us!