swinging like a bipolar monkey on a speedball

I'm trying here, people. Trying to embrace this season and spew joy as best I can. And be sincere about it.

Today we went to Uncle Mark's house. Rio adores the snot out of him. They were heavily engaged in a game of 'Where is Clifford hiding?' so I buzzed out to the store to gather all the things for the sugar cookies I'm making tonight. Seriously. And a bunch of kids are coming over tomorrow to decorate them. I'm ridiculous but looking forward to it!

So, standing in line. Stop&Shop has new tricky scanners so you can bag your own groceries while you shop, scan everything in and present the scanner to a cashier and they just take your word for it. Fascinating. I know Macy's had to stop playing subliminal messages telling employees not to steal. I can only imagine how Stop&Shop is keeping the masses honest .... better not go there.

Anyway, lovely lady handed scanner to cashier - and it totally didn't work. So she had to unpack her groceries and have everything re-scanned. So much faster, huh? Anyway, she was really nice and offered to let me go ahead of her even though she had a toddler in the cart??!! I declined, needless to say.

That gave me time to look around. At the trashy mags. And open one and page through. AND BURST INTO TEARS WHEN I READ ABOUT STUPID NICOLE RICHIE MEETING WITH HER BIRTH PARENTS!!!

I'm a fucking disaster area.


On a funny note - Rio, the dog and I all smell like smoke and bacon after an afternoon at Uncle Marky's. :)


Michael said...

Nicole Richie should put her own kid up for adoption.

Busy_Woman said...

Damn! I just sent a strongly worded email to a jerk at work and I used AND instead of AS and OF instead of OFF! DAMN! My strongly worded email will be confusing!! DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!

How nice of toddler lady to offer to let you go first and how nice of you to decline the offer and isn't it sweet that Nicole Richie met with her birth parents, and your cookie night sounds like so much fun! Fa la la la f*ck, indeed!!

(I'd sorta like to cancel Christmas too, this year. Too many toys are making me lose my mind.)