ho ho ho #6 and why the writers should STAY ON STRIKE!

I got my new laptop. Bear surprised me with it. He's a rockstar sometimes.


I did take a few pix of things I made, and will get around to posting them when I have time to go upstairs to my office to download the pictures because my new computer is a total snob and won't even look at my camera and it's all, "Psha! Like I have drivers for Miss So-Last-Year!?!" ... but I digress.

I got my new laptop. Which comes with Vista. And a trial copy of Office. So, I bought Office. I know, I know, I could have pirated it but I am stupidly A) uncomfortable with that and B) unable to do so.

Now, I was on Amazon which I grossly under-use to the point where every single time I *do* place an order I have to do a password retrieval ... but anyway. I got Office and I got a book that was recommended by a bunch of people. One guy said it was so great that he originally got it for a reference but ended up reading it from cover to cover. I hope he's not an asshat, because his love is what made me buy the book.

Now, here's what I find interesting and why I suddenly, clearly, and viscerally get what she's talking about. [note: I always just like reading her and her husband cuz they're funny and interesting, but she's a WGA writer on strike and I've learned a bunch about that corner of the world and I guess it's really sinking in...]

Where the hell was I? Oh yeah! So, I buy this book, and pay for it and get entered to win a giftcard for $500. Yay me! After checkout I get a message that, for 5 bucks I can read my book right this second! The whole thing! On my computer! And I can write all over the damn thing virtually! OMG I'm so excited I click YES! Take all my money! I want things noooooooooooooooooooow!

And still, almost unbelievably, I have not YET REACHED THE POINT! I see my book and I can also 'see' other peoples' lists of stuff they've bought! I guess it's the equivalent of being in Barnes and Noble and noticing someone else buy a book that you were looking at and then, when they checkout, you get to rifle through their bag, and their order history, to see what else they like. Cuz maybe you'll like it, too. Or maybe you'll just have all the ammo you need to fully steal their lives to the point where you could fool their MOTHER that yes, it's really me/her!

And still! Not the point! I go down a wormhole and see that Jenny bought the Office book and she buys a ton of other stuff and she bought House and Chuck and I love those shows and I click the Chuck and BAM! The point. I can buy the pilot of Chuck for $1.99. Right there. To watch on my computer. All quiet like. And suddenly, I get it. The 'other outlets' problem. The ways that the talents and sweat and long hours and dedication of relatively modestly paid writers are being sold, and resold, and resold again in brand new ways. And it's unfair. It is. I get it.

Now, how can we help? That, I don't know. But I am now aware. Oh, and hooked on Amazon. Those two things.

Happy happy and merry merry and joyous joyous to you and yours!


Will said...

Congrats on the new laptop and thanks for supporting the writers.

Michael said...

I'm in the market for a new laptop. Apple or Sony or HP or Dell or Compaq? Or Stone tablet?

just me said...

i really hope the writer's strike ends soon.

I mean, I want these people to get paid. AND I REALLY NEED A JOB AFTER GRAD SCHOOL.

adam brown said...

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nita said...

f*ck you, adam brown.

the slackmistress said...

Dammit, I thought I commented on this. Thank you!