pants and a plumb bob

It's totally random around here.

This morning so far ...

me: Rio! Where are your pants?
rio: Beats me! Maybe in the bathroom?
me: Well, go put them on.
rio: That's okay Mommy. My butt is still warm!

Bear wanders downstairs

bear: Rio? Pants?
rio: Tell Mommy.
bear: ...


bear: I think I need a blog.
me: You totally should do one. I'd read it!
bear: Yeah, today I'd write about how I hung a plumb* bob.
me: Um, nevermind.
bear blows nose loudly
rio: Why you did blow your nose?
bear: To get to the other side.
rio: ...


So, we're going to put more stuff in the dumpster Bear had delivered last week and try to find Rio's pants. Can you top that?!

*I'm guessing the plumb I used is the correct tool-type one and he's not planning to hang fruit from the ceiling?! Of course, one never knows....


Busy_Woman said...

Wow! Miss a week, miss a lot. The Mormon commercials never did much for (leading question) but the fact that Moroni visited Joseph Smith and gave him rose colored glasses to translate those tablets that went back to heaven with that angel nearly did.

Menchuvian Candidate said...

Uh, I'm not sure-I certainly could be missing connections, but I think Busy_woman just topped your for randomness.

Pants are strictly optional in our house; Rio should come on over.

Anonymous said...

i went to pick up the girl from daycare one day, only to be told by her class teachers that her pants had "mysteriously" disappeared.

only slightly less appalling was their train of discovery:

"well, she went into the bathrom with (some little boy - !!!) and they locked the door behind themselves (!!!) and when she came out her pants had disappeared."

guess where they went.