oh, you're welcome!

Know what rocks?

This rocks.

I hover at level 42 and I'm sorely tempted to cheat. But I don't. As far as you know...


Today I learned that interment and internment are both words, close in meaning, and I didn't know exactly what the first one meant. Dammit!


Alice said...

ooh fun!!

i donated 900 grains of rice, then i got annoyed that i had to guess at every other word by the time i got to 44. can i steal this and link to it on my blog too?

Brian said...


I hover at 38, but I hit 40. I suck. However, 2700 grains of rice is not too shabby. Where's the math version of this thing???


Michael said...

I donated enough rice to feed all of China, but only got to 42, too. I think it makes the questions harder when you think you're all edumicated and whatnot.

kate said...

Wow - evil evil - got me hooked.

And I guess all that time I spent teaching vocab strategies to students really helped, because I got to level 49. Ha! I am a big nerd.

Anonymous said...

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