y'all want this party started riiiiiight?

Bear said, "Post some damned pictures today. You know how bored I get at work." I probably shouldn't tell you that he works in the development of security systems, right? I mean, the image of Homer flipping the plutonium core over his shoulder just jumps to mind, eh?! So, for Bear, here are some pictures.

Daytona Bitch
With my gram and I'm just 8 months pregnant here. Hated maternity bathing suits and figured, "What the hell? Might as well start embarrassing our progeny early....."

I sure as hell look pregnant now, huh?

I am almost 9 months here. I got up to cook breakfast for Bear and he decided to keep himself amused by taking loads of pictures. And laughing. A lot. Dick.

After a couple of dozen pics this is what I was feeling...

I feel like I should explain my outfit.....I can't stand to be clothed most of the time. I throw on whatever cuz I haven't hung curtains in the kitchen and I'm sick of the letters of protest from the neighbors. Maybe they should put away the binoculars.... So, Bear wanted breakfast and I threw this get up on and hit the kitchen. As if I needed a reminder that my brain is shot....

Birthday Bear

Here is himself, sprawled on the furniture at his mom's house. She always makes your favorite dinner for you on your birthday. She's really good at making you feel *special*.

Just a favorite of mine...

We were goofing around on the ferry. He had just done one of his super silly looks and was laughing it off when I caught this one. He is a smiley guy and his smile makes me smile and my smile makes him smile and, well, you get the whole stupid message, right?!

The Pillow Experiment

In an effort to keep Jack and Hobbes off the furniture I spread the pillows out everywhere to dissuade them from lying about. Fat lot of good that did, as you can see.

Last but not least - Hooters Hobbes!

Hobbes like to dress up. If I wasn't so lazy/tired/hormonally imbalanced I could take a picture of him every day. Yesterday he had on a yenta necklace that my mother gave me. Weird gold loops with giant carnelians in the center of each. Probably cost a fortune and I let Hobbes wear it :) Anyway, I took off my t-shirt one morning and he put his head under it so I let him wear it. He wore it ALL.DAY.LONG. and was still wearing it when Bear got home from work. I think he's got it going on over at least half the Hooters' girls, yes? And he DOES have a great personality, too....