june showers bring well dressed babies...

Really quickly cuz I'm exhausted and headed for bed. My fabulous MIL and equally fabulous SIL threw me an unbelievable baby shower. I usually hate the things, but this one was so nice I hardly seemed to notice where I was :) Great food and when I was done opening gifts my SIL had written what each person gifted us on the back of their envelope. She is an organizational maven.

My mother was 1.5 hours late. She wanted a haircut and I insisted on a full hour of playtime for her ridiculously poorly behaved dog before I was comfortable leaving them alone. She got here 20 minutes before I had to walk out the door. I had a total meltdown, with sobs and difficulty breathing.

me (after I had calmed myself down): You know this is difficult for me and I'm uncomfortable. I really needed you to be on time today. That's why I'm so upset.
mother: Well, I can't be responsible for the traffic.
me: You needed to leave plenty of time for incidentals so this wouldn't happen.
mother: I did leave plenty of time.
me: OBVIOUSLY you did not.
mother: Well, I did.

Fuck sensible conversations and honesty. I'm going to start busting her in the chops. Ugh, I'll tell all tomorrow. Tonight-I must rest and snuggle my wonderful husband.

Sleep tight.