can we all say 'overscheduled'?!

Mykal is here painting. I could just about kiss him! He is fast, clean, friendly and my doggers are madly in love with him. We picked a color and my friend Orra made some perfect curtains and valences so I'll post a picture when we get the room put together. It is starting to feel official, which is good since on Wednesday I'll be 36 weeks pregnant....

brand new symptoms

I have a tearing/pushing pressure in my pelvis area. Supposedly normal. Great.

Peeing, sorry, is back to the number 1 priority of the day. About 42 times a day to be exact. AND all through the night. Fun. I'm on the phone with the doctor's office right now because all of the sudden I have a zillion questions about delivery and why my heel hurts and is swelling really an indicator and should we stop shtupping or what?!

I haven't finished reading all the books I had wanted to and I'm starting to feel really freaked out about a million things. Bear is great at helping me keep my head on straight but he IS gone all day and my thoughts do race....

shopping should help

So my MIL just called and she had a cancellation so we're going to hit BabiesRUs and finish the registry. I just updated what I think we'll really need without getting all commercialized so the list is short and manageable. Yeah, right. But we really don't want to have 8 million pieces of plastic and every gadget known to mankind. I'd like to think I'll be entertaining enough on my own :) See, I am obviously delusional.

crazy family update

I am really liking how my relationship with my father is developing. For those who've fallen behind-I didn't meet him til I was 30! There's a LOT to tell, but now right now.... My sister (same aforementioned father and his second wife...) is doing summer school and I so miss her tons. Wisconsin is too far away. My mother and I had a brawl and she did the usual - didn't call for a week and then called all like nothing was wrong. Nice coping tool, eh?! AND my brother blew me off last weekend for the second week in a row and hasn't even called this week. I'm ever so slightly frustrated with him right now. Oh, and my feelings are terribly hurt, as well....