i wish i could remember who i sent the link to my blog to cuz i have a
lot of disgusting stories to share...

Yeah, so, last year I sent the link to bunches of people and now I kind of sort of wonder who's lurking. And then I think, "Who gives a fat rat's ass?!"

That said, Bear and I are complete freaks of nature. We had some toe curling (AND flexing), goosebump raising, disturbing the dogs lovemaking first thing this morning. Absolutely fabulous. I am truly blessed. Of course, face down helps us both overlook certain 'conditions'.....

i'm waaaaay behind on email

So if I owe you a reply, just know it's on my mind and I'll get there sooooon.


*swollen fingers
*swollen feet
*the odd sensation of something headbutting me from inside my vagina
*uncontrollable crying
*fascination with the color of my nipples
*dreams of babies and drug dealing philanthropist art collectors and other weird dreams

must be getting close to time.

Daytona Beach and how I rocked it

I finally downloaded vaca pics of me 8 months pregnant and all bikini'd up. I'll upload later cuz one certain deep woods animal is bugging the shit out of me right now to go do his fool's errands....