I hate the new Blogger even more now

Did you know that if you make your first line bold, and then try to insert italics from the above simple and tempting menu, that all your writing disappears? Yah, me neither. Three times. Damnit!

I am being a very good wife today...

Bear has to be in New Hampshire today for some sort of secret thing. He could have a whole other family, but I know he needs lots of sleep so he probably doesn't have time...Anyway, where was I? Oh! We have been seriously discussing his rather high blood pressure and his need to get more/some exercise. At this point it just may be bugging him that I'm not blowing up like a Jiffy Pop popper. Allll belly. Almost cute, in an alien has taken over my body sort of way....

So, I recommended he walk Hobbes in the morning. I challenged him, I daresay. He bet me a crisp Benjamin that he would do it every day. I said 3 days a week is a nice start and the bet was on. Day one, it was over.

And I quote, "If I give you a hundred will you shut the fuck up and let me sleep?" At least that's what his growl sounded like. Well, I took that hundred and hired a friend of my SIL to paint our bedroom today, while Bear is off being a super spy. He is going to be so surprised and relieved. Our calendar for June has all the stuff we need to do to prepare for BabyM's arrival and our bedroom isn't even on it! It is the only room in the house that didn't get painted since we bought the place. The people we bought it from were a bit schkeevy so it's high time. It's going to be a deep marigold/mango sort of color. I hope he doesn't hate it. Maybe I'll take a picture and post it. Yeah, I should do that.....

A great picture that WILL be posted tomorrow was sent by said SIL. Her husband can blow out his belly to look like he's pregnant. After the shower when he and Bear descended for left-overs, we posed with our bellies touching. Fun stuff. I am lucky in in-laws, I'll tell you!

by the by

My brother is officially 11 days late to come and help me box books. He does call every few days to say he's on his way, so I know he's alive. But 11 days? What the hell?