sleep would be so lovely

I really shouldn't complain because I only have to get up once or twice during the night to tinkle. Of course, I've heard the horror stories of women who spent months on end in the bathroom-voiding. So, I'm not so much complaining as I am completely exhausted. AND I can't seem to sleep past the crack of dawn. I was up at 6 am today. THAT, my friends, is sleeping in. I definitely feel more possessed than ever lately....

all educated up and nowhere to go

I finished another shlock novel this morning. "Gideon." Can't really recommend it, but it is a nice beach read. Twisted little plot that sends you back to the scene of the wickedest twist to say, "Yeah, I really did read into that so it's conceivable that it went down like that." But what a stretch! Anyway, now that I'm officially magna cum educated all I do is clean the house and read bad novels. I wonder if I can get any of my money back.....

BB strikes again

Yeah, so, after allowing him to sleep in, I called again around 4pm.

BB: I was JUST gonna call you!

me: Really? I must be psychic.

BB: Yeah, uh, well, we were gonna mail the band flyers to Tennessee (for the upcoming stoner-fest that I can't remember the name of....) but it was going to cost $600 so me and EasyE are going to drive them to Tennessee.

me: Uh, it's going to cost $600 in gas to drive there and back!

BB: No it isn't. I'll definitely try to stop by on Sunday on the way through....or I'll be there next weekend to help with the nursery. Love you. *click*

Obviously he gets his logic skills from my mother. I guess I have to get to the place where I realize that I can really only count on a few people. Very few. One of them is sleeping so soundly in bed but I'm going to make him french toast and bring it to him there. Because I know that he's going to get up and do all the things that need to be done and he'll be pretty goddamned entertaining whilst doing it.


hoffman syndrome

Speaking of my funnyman..... He comes home yesterday from a new neurophysical (?) doctor as he tries and tries to recover from January's car accident.

Bear: This guy is so smart. He took out all these kinesiology books to show me exactly what he was talking about. And he did all these tests and showed me on a giant chart exactly how the nerve bundles grow from infancy through adulthood. It was fascinating!

me: *wrinkling forehead hoping I never have to go to this guy*

Bear: And he said I have 'Hoffman Syndrome.' You know what that is? (At this point he begins to hold his fingers up in weird configurations, flicking certain ones in an effort to recreated the tests the doc was doing. He looked silly.)

It means I'm hyper reflexive. The doc asked if I had superior hand eye coordination. ( I immediately thought of his drumming skills and juggling skills. Here's a hint: His drumming practice sessions are 40 second spats of drumming punctuated with loud "Fuck!"s when he misses something. His juggling, while impressive, causes the dogs to leave the room lest they be beaned again.)

me: Does this syndrome explain why you have to hang your mouth open for your hyper reflexivity super duper hand eye coordination to kick in?!

Evidently, there is no direct correlation. Go figure.

So.... I am going to ask Bear to put comments back on my page. I'm going to change it one more time if I can find a template I really like and I'm going to take a picture of our newly mango sanctuary :) Looks like another busy morning.