Na na na na nana, you say it's your birthday....

Happy Birthday to the Bear. Thirty eight today. A round of applause.....

Me and the boys got him a few little giftie-nifties and I'm waiting for the big one to be delivered. My timing is so far off with this pregnancy. I can't remember a damned thing. One of the joys ;)

I'm loving Circuit City

Bear did purchase a zillion dollars worth of TV equipment in anticipation of always being broke once we have a chitlin. There were a bunch of rebates and gift cards and whatnot. I FINALLY sat down this morning to fill them all out and send them in only to discover most of the deadlines had passed. For $5 bucks, no problem. For over $500, I called the rebate center. A very nice boy (sounded like a boy) changed some stuff around so I can submit them and then, then he said, "Ciao!" when hanging up. How absolutely adorable! Not to mention we're getting a bunch of gift cards and cash back is good.

American Red Cross and their superior follow up workers

I finally convinced Bear to give blood. I've secretly signed him up for organ donorship, as well, but that's another story.....

So, we gave blood. The last time I gave blood I was actually blissfully unaware of my pregnant status! So, they call to schedule for a follow up appointment...the call and call until they actually get some blood out of you. The last guy who called looking for me who talked to Bear learned I am expecting.

blood dude: Really? Congratulations! When is she expecting?
bear: Mid to late July.
blood dude: (pause) Ok, can I sign her up for November?

I mean, really! But I do admire their perseverance.

still no BB

It is getting to the awkward phase of we haven't talked in so long. I think about calling him but I'm still a bit peeved and hate to call just to say I didn't really want to call, know what I mean?

things are shaping up around here

Nursery is painted. Awaiting furniture.
Measuring has been done for the downstairs media project. Believe it or not, that is good news.
House is getting recognizable as a clean house. That is good news, too.
We still don't have names FOR CERTAIN, but we're not worried about it. Stupid, but good, yes?

I've been reading my favorite blogs and I'll be posting soon. I have a couple of high priority things around here and then I'll dive into making my blog a more enjoyable place. Thanks for stopping by, know that pictures are imminent, and my exhaustion has made me so fucking boring I can hardly stand myself ...