Sorry for the long absence. My heart is a bit fonder for it, how about yours?!

I'll ease in today and then try to be more consistent. I'm at that lovely stage of just frigging exhausted all the time. I wake up tired in the morning and tired after a nap and ready to fall into bed every night. Fun stuff.


You know I have a pitbull, Hobbes. He is nicknamed the Bunny Man because he is such a snuggle face. When I woke up for the second time** today, he gets up from the end of the bed and comes around for a look-see. So he walked around my feet and up the right edge of the bed to swing around for my morning face wash. During the execution of his edge pirouette his tail hit the lampshade on the bedside table. He is a bit skittish. Well, the sound/sensation scared the Bunny Man and he leapt straight up into the air about 2.5 feet off the bed and right over me and almost off the other side. I was hysterical. I love that crazy mutt. Endlessly entertaining.

** I woke up the first time today at 3am sharp. Bear was sound asleep and laughing his head off. Really laughing. Hard! I couldn't get back to sleep so I wrote some thank you notes from graduation. I wonder what the heck was so funny!