Busy busy

I'm on the way to get felt up by the doc. Well, that's probably not the technical term for what we'll be doing....so I have to shower.

Great post

I'll link to it later and expand.....


I read 2 complete books this morning and don't feel the lesser for all the skipped words.

I'm ready

My fingers are incredibly painfully swollen every morning, I'm wretchedly uncomfortable, I have a pinched nerve in my heel which kills, today I was nauseous for hours and I have no energy and no ability to sleep. Um, is the last stage of pregnancy supposed to feel like Hell on earth?!

The pictures were so popular....

Here is one of me last May being a birthcoach for my pal MC and baby O. I'd been up for 40 or so hours and hardly noticed. I sucked the stuff out of his nose when he was born, helped to wipe off all the goo, held him for MC so she could kiss him, gave him his first bath, changed his diapers and swaddled him while MC recovered from the birth. He roomed in and I stayed with them for days. It was wonderous and beautiful and I had no idea at that time that I would be embarking on the same mission. She's been more of a help than she'll ever know. And that boy is one fine toddler today, let me tell you. Adorable, funny, infectious laugh and in my unbiased opinion, he should be on billboards or baby food jars somewhere..... I miss them loads.