really quickly...

I know I've been is really speeding up around here. My friend Orra came for a few days and we found excellent material for curtains for all of our naked windows. Pictures will follow soooooon.

baby update
I had my 35 week appointment yesterday. The baby has dropped a solid 3 or 4 inches which evidently means it'll be a little sooner than anticipated. Sandra, my nurse friend, said that the dropping and swelling would seem to say, get ready!

THAT would be lovely. My feet look so grotesque I can't bear to glance upon them. I may look silly in my Ugg boots all the time, but I really don't give a fat rat's ass right about now. Seeing that so many things make me cry, not looking is the best I can do right now.

some guys are such weinies

Day 2 of trying to return stuff to Home Depot....we get in line and there is a man getting worship whiplash watching a moderately attractive blond woman in what appeared to be doll clothes leaving the Depot. He actually had his mouth open and was so obvious and creepy. I offered to hold his place in line if he needed to go outside so-as not to lose sight of her.

him: Huh?
me: Sure, you seemed entranced. Maybe you should go talk to her. It has been known to work.
him: Right, actually, my fiance is right about in the same condition you are.
me: So, you're just a jackass looking for an ass whooping?
him: Yeah, I guess so.

The great thing about Bear is he ogles with such respect for the human body. I know he's not immune to looking, I don't expect him to be. I love looking at beautiful bodies, too. Just try not to drool. Especially at Home Depot. It gets mixed with the sawdust and dirt and must be difficult to clean...

And now, I really must retire for my afternoon nap before my every sleeping moment is dictated by the baby Bear ;)