head spins

My life can be a bit confusing being married to a mad scientist. This whole week Bear has been putting out fires and solving technical issues and developing process upgrades and all the other things he says he's doing when he's playing catch with the boy in his other family ... but he's been in and out to the lab at all hours of the day and night.

Really though. He had a terrible week. Month, actually. So he's having to work through the weekend and his 2 days off before the fourth. In an unprecedented show of support -- I'm going to Vermont with Rio for a week. Okay, that's not supportive but I *was* going to leave her here and now I'm not. But! I am doing some work while I'm up there so I have to find a sitter for her on Monday and Tuesday. Shouldn't be tough; loads of people would like to teach her bad words without me hanging around ... but my head is spinning and so is Bear's cuz it's just so darned hectic around here. I feel like our lives are supercharged and moving a little too fast. When I get back I'm going to make some changes. I don't know what they are yet, but they are coming. So, consider yourself warned.


In other news, I clearly don't know when to leave well enough alone. You may or may not remember, but my darling Rio did a LOT of sign language before she bothered speaking. It was getting a little, um, well, weird. And for a while there I thought she might not talk at all. Ever. Then one day she just started talking - clear as a bell - and now I wonder how I could be so silly. All the time. But that's another subject ....

At the library. There is a new train table set up there. Rio about croaks when she sees it. She picks out 3 books in 3 seconds and then only wants to play with the train. Enter 2 little girls. A bit older. And none too interested in playing with a little kid.

rio: waves Hi Girl!

girl: keeps playing and tries to ignore Rio's waving

rio: I like your hair, Girl! I actually snort a little because it is a disaster! clearly all the marks of yesterday's pig tails have it all crazy and lumpy and her bangs were straight up from sleep

girl: looks at Rio, looks back at trains.

I ask the girl her name, introduce the children and sit back to let them play.

rio: gets close to the girl, closer still, bends over and peers into her face and states, as loud and clear as can be - Mommy! Look at her nose! Is she sick? She has LOTS of boogies!'

What's a mom to do?


feener said...

oh so cute !! kids. Rio sounds alot like sass, she is very social and will try to talk to all the kids - the older ones are her fav. it breaks our heart when they don't respond. she could care less.

nita said...

i hear you on the heartbreaking bit. i try to follow her lead ... if it doesn't bother her then i truly endeavor to let it roll off me, too!

melman said...


That should teach the kid who won't respond to a socialite!

the slackmistress said...

Your kid is teh awesome.

Alison said...

Nita, your blog cracks me up.. i started reading cause it was linked to meri's.. and now I am hooked. you are so much fun!