giggle bugs! fuck yah!

My daughter runs and bounces around the outside rim of the Little Gym while the other kids, known as Super Beasts, pay attention and sing and do tricks as they are asked to.

My daughter has recently decided that these little people and their silly games might be fun. To that end she's joined in of late. Once in a while. If she feels like it.

Due to the fact that Rio *is* more interested and *is* participating and *is* happy there, Bear and I made the executive decision to piss more money against a wall while Rio does what she could do at home, alone, on things we already own. We planned to re-up for baby bootcamp.

The teacher sought me out to discuss the summer program and to compliment Rio on her accomplishments. My child was running in circles shaking her head and going, "Niiiiice spiiiiinnnniiinnnngggg Buddddyyyyy Boooyyyyyy!' at the time ... but Miss D recommended that Rio go up to the next level. I was super still in case she had me mistaken for someone else's mom and thanked her just this side of profusely.

When the next class starts Rio will be a Giggle Bug.

What does this mean? It means she goes into class alone and I sit at an observation window outside. It means I have 45 minutes to read a book. Or write notes. Or drink a cup of coffee without being asked 112 times if she can have a sip. Or knit if I knew how to knit. Or just sit there on my ass doing not one single thing.

So, yeah. It really is the little things exciting me lately ... do you think there's any possibility I could run out and get a life in those 45 minutes?!


feener said...

that is big !!!rio sounds like sass, at my gym she beats to her own drum, she has been better recently !!

Diana said...

I wish her Gym class was in Prov, you cold have come to my house for those forty five minutes and just sat there, knitted, ate, read, whatever...
*sigh* Enjoy you're free time, I totally envy you.

feener said...

You are tagged

Barbara E. said...

I vote for activity-free ass-sitting.

Joanne B. said...

Oh Nita, I just laughed my ass off. That's great that Rio can go to class on her own, I vote for vegging out in the lobby and enjoying a quiet moment (I NEVER get those myself so I'm so envious)