happy birthday bear!

Ode to Bear in Haiku

you are the best man
every day of the year
but this is your day

i will let you sleep
and sleep and sleep and sleep more
okay, until ten!

we will have some fun
because you bring us big joy
big joy, all the time

i love you my sweet
when you drive me to drink
you go get the wine

i may joke and poke
but *i* know that *you* know this:
you are my lobster

happy birthday bear
this year will be the best yet
i love you madly


Mama Bear said...

*Sigh* Seems like yesterday that he was just a wee cub. Happy Birthday Mama's Big Honey Bear! (How much public humiliation can a guy take?) Lots of Love!

Galaxy Girl said...

"when you drive me to drink
you go get the wine"

Have I told you lately how much I enjoy your writing?