where i tip my hand regarding love of gangsta rap

** Bear and I sitting in the living room, watching television. 'Urinary Incontinence' commercial comes on. I have panic attack thinking about being forced to try all those meds even though my problem was surgically induced and I was unable to pee which is a whole different problem. And I experienced the entirety of the the panel of side effects. For each drug ... anyway, this snippet of a life waylaid follows:

me: Ugh. These commercials still give me a pit in my stomach.

bear: How come?

me: Duh. That year I couldn't pee? Remember I had to take all those drugs?

bear: Oh, yeah. Well, it's good that it's pretty much cleared up now, huh?

me: Yeah right. That shit is still all wack.

bear: ... *smirks*

me: What?

bear: We really need to move closer to an urban area so you can say 'that shit is still wack' and have an actual audience.

I think Frasier is making him snarky.


Valencia said...

you'd fit right in *here* :)

I know, I know... don't even say it. I'm coming out soon enough..

Diana said...

I'm part of your audience...I say shit is wack all the time. Tell Bear I'm your homie! LOL!