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Today, I raise the bar.

I've been taking piano lessons. Link to follow. The guy is awesome. From my first lesson I've had fun and been inspired to prac.tice. Often. Butchering with regularity some of the great works of music. Happily.

Yesterday I was playing with my instructor's wife and awesome kids. Blahblahblah music, blahblahblah love rap, and viola! on the swing I busted out with a select few.

Nothing can be funnier than a 42 year old suburban stay at home mom swinging on a swing and rapping, yes? Let's hope so cuz today I'm busting it out, old skool, and rapping at my music lesson. Who knows? Maybe it'll make YouTube?!


Diana said...

If you do, you better post the video!!!!!!

p.s. I'm back!
And I have BIIIIIG news!

nita said...

you are a tease! email me!