I got tagged by feener and I'm playing along nicely :)

What were you doing 10 years ago ?
1997. Hmm. I believe that's the year I sold my salon. So that would also make it the year I moved to the Virgin Islands because my friend told me she had jobs and a house lined up for us but when we got there neither materialized so we just moved into a hotel and stayed until my money ran out. Great investment. I mean that!

** What were you doing 1 year ago ?
One year ago I was traveling the globe trying to find someone to help me pee again after my botched surgery. And I was crabby and in poor health and overly medicated with stuff that didn't work at all.

** Five Snacks you enjoy:
grilled pb&j
blue corn chips
ginger altoids

** Five songs to which I know all the lyrics:
i know the songs to virtually every top 40 song from the entirety of the 80s. i'm not proud, just sayin'...

** Five things I would do if I was a millionaire:
1. i would get my series 7 and
2. start my own ecologically responsible portfolio and
3. give 10k to 5 friends anonymously and
4. invest in my own business idea (details coming) and
5. take the profits from number 2 (haha) and buy an island. i want an island. you can totally come visit but i want to have, ready for this, la isla nita. no lie. i'm insane. but it'll have cool tiki huts and solar powered blenders.

** Five Bad Habits:
1. not following directions so the next 4 are bad habits i WISH i had
2. letting things slide and never thinking about them again
3. shooting up
4. scratching my balls in public
5. sleeping way too much

** Five things you like doing:
1. bear
2. teaching rio snarky sayings
3. reading for hours on end
4. hanging out with my grrls
5. cooking!

** Five things you would never wear again:
(okay, some pictures to follow)
1. a perm. ever. no matter what
2. my vinyl fetish dress
3. one giant earring in one ear and five studs in the other ear
4. layered polo shirts that match the color of my slacks and the embroidered whale/flamingo/nantucket basket/outline of cape cod ... kill me if those pictures surface
5. i'm taking a stand against this go round of crocs and if they come back again in 20 years

** Five Favorite toys:
1. bear
2. rio
3. online scrabble and jeopardy!
4. my professional steamer ( i am too much even for me)
5. my jewelry stuff

So, leave a comment if you want to fill this out and tell us about you!


nita said...

i have pix for the 5 things ...

TL said...

I wanna see them!!!

teahouse said... you scratch your balls in public??

Beth said...

Were we separated at birth? Wolf would die if he read this. To bad I can't lure him into blogger-ville... not that I want him dead... I meant die laughing...

So, does there even exist a good save from that one? I'm thinking, probably not. Maybe I should be thankful that Wolf isn't a blunkie (blog junkie... yes, I'm on my way to bed. Night.)

nita said...

working on it!
1 is true. 2-5 are not :)
bear only wanders in occasionally!