um, no.

In an effort to get myself out of the training trenches as quickly as possible, I am bribing my child to tinkle on the potty. With sugar. Over the counter, can buy it at a gas station, probably stocked in vending machines sugar. Hard core.

Yesterday she asked for a monkey ride. Under no circumstances do we call mommy a 'piggy' anything, so riding on my back is a monkey ride.

rio: Mommy, I want up! Monkey rides, puhwease! And you say 'whoo hoo hoo'!

me: hikes her up Whoo hoo hoo! Whoo hoo ... feels warmth on her back ... did you just tinkle?

rio: Yes! Yes I did tinkle!

me: On mommy?

rio: Yes! I tinkled on mommy! Now, I need a tinkle treat!

Somehow, somewhere, I'm screwing things up badly and I have no idea what to do but laugh.


Sarah said...

Oh, man, Nita~this made me laugh!

We made it around the sugar thang by offering up helium balloons for each dry day.

(And, uh, no comment, but this, err, *comment* was just interrupted by a plaintive cry "Mommy, I ees PEEING!

In her grandfather's laundry basket. Which was full.)

OTOH, my now adolescent son trained in a week, with basically no accidents after when he was just two. He needed no balloons; he was allllll about the big-boy underpants.

Personally, I kind of like the dousings; they feel kind of like blessings with our girls growing up so very fast. :)

feener said...

yikes, i am starting july 1...and not looking forward to it. good luck.

Beth said...

So she likes sound effects while she pees! Fun!!

Anonymous said...

look at it this way: only a very intellegent child would try to convince her mother to focus on the principle of the matter.

i mean, after all she *did* tinkle. does anything else really matter?

Diana said...

maybe being a little more specific is in order??? LOL!
Too funny...nto at the moment of course...but funny in retrospect.

Masked Mom said...

When my brother was being potty-trained, my mother repeatedly reminded him he needed to pee in the bathroom. Then came six months of him running into the bathroom and peeing on the floor. Yeah, specific is good. ;o)