well blow me over

The Little Gym has a nicely structured way of doing things. Rio typically runs around the outside doing her own thing; complete with her own songs and dances and ways to use the gym equipment. As I've said before, the teachers are lovely about it ... so we spend lots of $$$ so she can run around in circles somewhere besides our house.

Last week, if you remember, she did 'the scary mat'. Today, well, prepare for boring mom brag.

Miss Dawn calls the kids one by one and they all do the same skill. Rio was circling when Miss Dawn called to her, "Rio! Want to come show everyone your forward roll?" and usually Rio says, "Nope!" and continues on with doing her own thing. Today, well, today she ran up to Miss Dawn, gave her a big hug complete with the big hug skrinchy face, and took her place and executed a perfect forward roll over the giant cylinder!

At least 4 of the mothers commented on how great she did. I am ridiculously proud.


The good parts of this job have no match in the working world.


mamabear said...

Let the good times roll.

Rodrigo said...

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feener said...

love my gym and i feel they do learn a sense of achievment !!