I'll be popular in jail, right?

Yesterday we noticed a weird spot on the Monkey's tongue. Bear asked if she bit it and she said no. He asked if it hurt and she said no. So no biggie.

Today the spot is bigger and a little different color and not just a little worrisome to gaze upon. So I called the pediatrician's office. Of course I hit google first and came up with A) geographic tongue and B) cancer. Yeah. So, to the doc we'll go.

But here's the thing. I'm trying to be all calm and cool but I am failing miserably. Here's what I said to the receptionist:

she: blahblahblah

me: I would like to bring her today and I don't mind not seeing her regular doc.

she: Sure thing. Let me just run this by the nurse

long pause

she: What does it look like exactly?

me: Actually, it looks like someone put out a cigarette on her tongue. She doesn't go to daycare and I don't smoke. Plus I wouldn't exactly put out a cigarette on her tongue and then call your office to complain about it.

she: dead silence

me: So, 2:30, right?

I'm sure social services will be there with dogs to greet me ...


melman said...

Well, it's red and bloody and about the same size as the vice grip my ex-con husband was carrying around yesterday.

[The ex-con part was fabricated for the purpose of this post. I don't claim to actually know Nita's ex-con husband]

Beth@WolfSong said...

Amazing the things that come out of your mouth when fear is a factor, hey?

Good luck (wink)

rock grrrl said...

this is what happens to those of us who see little need to filter our thoughts. I get that silence a lot.