तहत इस हिंदी फ़ॉर रियो

The above says 'That is hindi for Rio'. Blogger comes up with the most useful tools!

So, she's drawing on her magnetic drawing board thing. I say, "How about if you write 'Rio'?". and she promptly makes a lower case "r", puts an "o" to the left of it, and plops an "i" right on top.



In other news, no one died today. No one that I am personally acquainted with, anyway. So, it's a good day.


Bear has promised that by May 31st I will be patent pending. At that point I can embark upon my journey to take over the world and make basic cable play better shows and make all baby wipes manditorily interlevered and require Massachusetts drivers to have to pass an actual driving test (because the only explanation for these lunatics is that the test is mail in and even then they can't be graded....) and I will personally fund research into ridding the mother-brain of guilt because every time I buy bananas this fact runs through my mind ... and finally, I hope to have enough money and power to buy or manufacture a coherent train of thought.


mar said...

okay so your next tat is in hndi or at least it can fill in one of bear's clouds. love m in vt