i caught ebay with their pants down!

Ooo! Big scoop and I'd bet the folks at Entrepreneur.com aren't thrilled. I get quite a few emails each week because Ebay Live is in Boston and coming soon. I'm actually thinking of attending, but that is just my ADD speaking.

Anyway - they have 'titled' sponsors for the event. I'd imagine to have your logo stuck on emails going out to such a captive audience is fairly pricey. Well, when one clicks on the Entrepreneur link, one is sent to Entrepeneur.com. A typo! I'll bet the folks who park and redirect for click-through cash on Entrepeneur are scratching their heads. "Hey Frank, our site that relies on people who can't spell is raking in more than our porn sites!" .... hahahahahaha ....

Now, Ebay won't get back in touch with you unless, well, I can't think of a situation which would inspire the giant out of its slumber. Think I should alert Entrepreneur.com? Maybe I could get my subscription for free?!

**updated to add: I've emailed Meg Whitman and pitches at Entrepreneur magazine because I'd imagine someone actually has to read those. I'll keep you posted!


melman said...

"I'll keep you posted" is such an ironic thing to say!

nita said...

i miss you melman! are you still blogging? e me please!