bitter, sweet, and bittersweet

:: bitter ::

We met daddy for ice cream. Rio had 'tinkle treat' ice cream. Daddy had black raspberry and we shared a spinach, mushroom, onion, goat cheese calzone. Yum. Then I got a small black raspberry cone for the ride home.

It's a 5 minute ride from the ice cream joint to our house. She harassed me so steadily and with such sincerity for 'just one biiiite of mommy's ice crean [sic] cone' that I gave in. 'One bite,' I told her, 'and then give it back!' as I handed it back over the seat into her lair.

She would not give it back. She took a bite and when I reached back for its safe return - she kicked my hand. And smiled. And bit the bottom off the cone. She simply would NOT return my ice cream cone. I would reach back and she would lick it and smile wickedly at me.

We came into the driveway at a good clip and Bear was already getting out of his car and he could tell I had "the face" on.

bear: Wassamatter?

me: She will not give me my ice cream back! I get out of my door and zip around the back and open her door and she grabs the cone with both hands.

rio: It's not Mommy's ice crean.

me: Yes, it *is* Mommy's ice creaM and you said you'd give it back! As we both start to yank on the rapidly crumbling cone.

rio: No and this is off limits to you! And I finally pull the cone out of the tight little monkey grip.

rio: IMMEDIATELY after losing the cone custody battle... Can I have one more bite?

"Can I have one more bite?". The nerve of this kid!

:: sweet ::

Evidently she considered her rotten to the core actions while I walked down the driveway and retrieved the mail. She came running full bore at me and ran into my arms and gave me a huge hug and kiss. Awww.

:: bittersweet ::

We have to be in Connecticut for a funeral tomorrow. As long as we're making the trip, we're taking Rio's most excellent crib to Bear's sister for her new babies. So tonight we took Rio's crib out of her room and replaced it with her first 'big girl bed'.

Bear and I lay on either side of her, snuggling and making certain she was feeling okay about this momentous change. Especially since we both felt like bawling. She kissed us both and said:

Mommy and Daddy could go in their own room now.


the slackmistress said...

Brilliant. And your poor ice cream. :(

Melman said...

Where I grew up, my dad would have cuffed me upside the head, snatched the cone from my hand and the cigarette would never have moved from his lips.

Beth@WolfSong said...

Oh god, those moments... They really are too damned smart, you know. Too smart and growing up way too fast.