update on ebay's egregious typo and entrepreneur's who gives a crap?!!

If you remember I tried to contact Ebay and Entrepreneur magazine re: advertising dollars and the sound they make as they go down the toilet ... no answer. Still weekly emails telling me to sign up and go to Ebay Live! and still the bad link for Entrepreneur magazine. And no response from anyone. Well, it is a busy world, yes?!

Speaking of busy ... we're heading to Connecticut tomorrow for a party. Then Vermont. Then back here. Lots of miles and lots of hoping Rio falls asleep in the car for just a few minutes somewhere along the hours being logged ...


She's taken to calling herself 'The Baby Monster'. I swear I didn't hang that on her, she just likes the sound of it. And refers to herself, third person mais oui, all the time. "The Baby Monster wants some juice!" , "The Baby Monster wikes playing on the water table!" all accompanied by a roar. The um, ah, interesting thing is when she speaks in the baby monster voice. It's the roaring, but with words. She sounds possessed.

Being a shut-in with her, I've quite gotten used to it. Today we stopped at a creemee stand for lunch and there was a young couple sitting next to us. The girl was 'you know' and 'like' and 'I was all' - ing her head off. Rio makes the baby monster face and growls, "Rrrr, the Baby Monster wants some ice creannnnnnn!" and it pierced the seemingly impervious veil of grammar murder and the girl just stared at Rio for a full, like, 5 minutes, you know? Right?

Cool stuff, huh?! Rrrroaaarrrrrr.


rock grrrl said...

When will you come visit me?

nita said...

easy. when the tourists aren't looking :)

seriously, some random monday that you can take off and we can beach it.

beth@wolfsong said...

Oh my god I love you guys! And I personally think that everyone should experience the world coming to a screeching halt because of something their kid just did. Loverly!