We went to my mother's place in RI yesterday to help with the finishing unpacking touches. ONLY TO FIND... that she hasn't unpacked a thing since the movers left April 2nd. There were a couple little trails through the boxes and every room is stuffed to the gills with the spoils of her latest war. We got a LOT done for her. Loads put away, stuff thrown out, furniture arranged-I was exhausted.

Then last night in the middle of the night I woke up with the worse pains in my tummy. I attributed to pains of a gaseous nature, owing to my fried oyster and lobster roll lunch, but then they became rhythmic. I was so tired I kept falling back to sleep in between them, then I would get 2 taught cords from just inside my hipbone up to my ribs. This happened about 4 or 5 times. I was trying to look at my watch so see if they were regular, but only the numbers light up on my tricky Storm watch, not the hands. WTF??!!!

SO...I'm just trying to figure out something to do for the next 27 minutes until there is someone at my doc's office. I'm going to make them listen to the heartbeat, even though I have an appointment on Wednesday. Hey, he handles advanced maternal age patients for a reason. He must be good with "all nerved up", right?!