Just another relaxing day at the old homestead...

So, two days ago we went to the vet because Hobbes had somehow gotten a big scrape between his toes. Did I mention it? Well, I have to soak his foot, blow it dry and give him antibiotics. No biggie.

Today was a busy one. I went shopping and got the special marrow bones that the dogs love so much. B.Diddy gets home, finally, and I lay down on the couch for a quick rest before starting dinner. Jack wanders up to me and gives me the hangdog face. I notice that his bone, now devoid of marrow, is firmly stuck on his lower jaw. We try to pull it or twist it-not budging.

We just got back from the vet where we had an emergency visit to get it off. Then I took him for a creemee. He's okay now.....

*emergency trip to the vet after hours -- $50

*tip to the nice boy who handled him so quickly and gently -- $10

*catching your 'cooler than shit' dog with a bone stuck on his face --