free at last

The TBS Dawson's Creek marathon has finally rolled around to where I began watching it. To refresh your memories, I was too sick to blog, too sick to do anything but tinkle and let the dogs out and, one fateful day, I was too sick to change the channel. And they got me. Hooked like a junky. So for the last 4 months or so, I've been watching DC for 2 hours a day-5 days a week, much to my chagrin. I will keep half an eye on it to catch the end again. Perhaps with all 4 seasons of knowledge, I'll be able to understand why that stupid Joey keeps torturing the boys and why the boys keep putting up with her nonsense. Done!

And today is the day I finish with my Humanities papers. Whatever doesn't get finished, can't get turned in. I have had a delicious breakfast, courtesy of B.Diddy and now I am sitting in front of my puter, ready to roll. Speak at you later when I'm that much closer to being a college graduate :)